Blech, a Crazy Monday

Man, what a freaking crazy Monday. Came in really late, which isn’t so good in it’s own right, and then got to work. First things first, had a conference about Aspen Home Centers’ website and how far I am, and we found out that there is a *ton* of stuff that needs to be done. By tomorrow, 10am. Suck. Then came the network fiasco. Turns out that the construction crew that’s going balls out on a new club / restuarant took out all the power to the basement of our old building. Right where all of our network equipment is. So a good chunk of our customers was toast all day while they’re electrician figured out how to fix it. That sucked. Very busy, lots of unhappy people. Came back to work to find this huge package on my chair … return addressed to my sister in New York. She told me it was coming and informed that it was leather and didn’t know if I had one … well, from that info I figured that it was a leather jacket; much to my gleefull surprise, it’s a leather messenger bag! My laptop fits perfectly, and it makes me look hella upper-class. Mix this, my leather, some khakis and some Docs and you have one swell looking Randal … Thanks Sis! 😀 Went out to breakfast with my Dad yesterday (he came down from Denver for the weekend) … lots of disheartening family news in Utah — generally, my Uncle sucks and the inheritance is non-existant. Ahh well, was planning on making my own breaks this lifetime 😉 Umm … yea, that’s the basic gist. Burnz has a swell update over at – highly praised by me … and don’t forget to check out the forum 😉 Maybe more later tonight as I espouse my loathing and wreckless disregard for Cold Fusion while simultaneously finishing out a shoddy project in said web-language. CFML – The dumbest, most poorly put together heap of yak-shit ever.

2002-03-26 05:40:56 – Burnz
All right rand0m. I am so envious, I wish I had a purse. Does it have a special compartment for your lipstick? Maybe enough room for emergency tampons? Oh I think I am so funny. But I am identified as male and rumored to have a good post (because it mentions this site) so the ladies will be lining up.
2002-03-26 15:22:06 – Netheus
So what are you going to do with those tampons? And what kind do you use? the small, compact, get your finger dirty O.B., or the oh-my god, did I just stick a broom handel in my woo hoo?! brought to you from every other company? And that lipstick— is it f*ck me red, and was that you I saw out on the corner last night?
2002-03-26 22:14:45 – cosmosmoon
oooh. male? website? where do I sign up?
2002-03-27 02:27:05 – Pinky
dear god, the humor is killing me. JUST STOP. heh
2002-03-27 03:03:34 – Burnz
All new entries must pass an extensive screening process that includes being a woman, knowing you are a woman, and not being a lesbian. You will also be required to fail a urine screening. Gotta weed out those "clean and sober" types. Can’t have that. If you wish to make a donation please send inquiry and contact information to We accept payment in the form of the nasty shuffle, the horizontal mambo, and the freak nasty. Freak nasty, it’s everywhere you want to be. I love the sound of my own text don’t I?
2002-03-27 10:48:33 – tony
Hello everybody, I’m back from Moab, and tonight, I am going to get super helafied drunk as nobody’s bidness. Randal? Matt?
2002-03-27 17:54:24 – keener2u
sweet! After my day of freaking work sounds good to me….stupid security people BLAH!