bored and whack

Are you as bored as I am? Is your life as fucked up as mine is? Hahahaha, you wish you could be so depraved.

I picked up a CCNA study guide a couple days ago … it’s good stuff. Did some other stuff too that really sucks, like last night, I completely lost all my self-control and will power and resolve and all the carefully constructed things I had been believing for the past few weeks. Yea, I hate it when that happens. That’s twice inside a week. Now I have to re-delude myself in hopes of making things I want to be real become real. That’s enough of that.

I am going to be swearing off alcohol. Well, not all alcohol — I think an occasional beer, when available, is okay, but I’m going to finish off the rum in the freezer and that’s it. No more for me :: it does bad things, and I’ve noticed that I think about having a drink to calm down — I am not going to allow that to continue.

Spent time with Tore last night … I think we were both too tired to really enjoy it 100%. I did, however, get my truck and meet the new chick at the perk … she’s 21 though. :-/ I’m seriously considering swearing off girls, too. Sure, they’re great, but jesus, what a pain in the ass.

So, that’s that. Oh, and I was late to work today — woke up at 6:33 am. That’s three minutes after I’m supposed to leave. Suck … oh well, showed up went to sleep, no problem. I get paid on friday! WoOOoOo!

* News Flash * The java-based AOL Instant messenger client sucks ass. There is no notification of anything — sign ons, offs, incoming messages, nada. grr.

2001-08-22 12:15:15 – bastard
CCNA eh? I believe that mike lee bought a ccna study guide, don’t know what became of that. Haven’t heard from mike, wonder if he got the job at mci worlcom. Anybody heard from him?
2001-08-22 12:57:29 – Laura
i heard mike started at gateway, or mci or something…but he’s disappered, and my guess is his CCNA study guide is being used as a beer coaster. and, randal, she’s 21? go for it, man…i’m sorry, but that’s only two years. then again, you’re a boy, and so it’s different, but i *spent time* with that judd guy i was playing pool with at old chicago last friday, who you claimed i wouldn’t pick up….i got home at 7 am!!! wooo! 🙂 and he’s older than 21, damnit. so, i think you should hook up with her.
2001-08-22 13:09:26 – rand0m
there is no "Lee, M" here at gateway [just checked the company directory] … if he started at worldcom, he’s either doing that telephone solicitation hoo-haa, or support. In either case, he’s making more than me. And Laura, the thing is that he is male and older than you … that’s generally acceptable … most older girls don’t dig young guys, as we are inexperienced. But, tenacity has it’s perks 😉
2001-08-22 14:35:07 – The Artist Formerly Known as Burnz.
Randal, you look 30 bro, just keep age out of the discussion. Ask her to old chicago, tell her up front some bullshit story about how you don’t drink and then unroll the love viper and let her taste how sweet a snakepit can be. And I think that swearing off alcohol is a dangerous move. I know what happens when I did it, and believe me the hallucinations are not worth the great health improvements you will recieve. Just take a drink, there you go, it is all fading into a general mushy numbness now. No more real emotions, just sweet sweet drifting…(OOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO).
2001-08-22 17:25:29 – Master Ha-reed
Well that CCNA guide was a waste of money (I’ve got a whole shit-load of CISCO type stuff that has remained unused since I passed the exam). Good luck with the stuff, its not that hard, but the exam asks you all kinds of nitpicky stuff that can only be learned by either memorizing a book or playing on a CISCO router (I would go with the latter). Unfortunately for you (and me) the job market for new CCNA’s ain’t that great right now… especially when you hear of major computer-type companies laying of 10% of their work force every other day. And such ends my confidence boost for you finding a job in the near future that pays you what you’re worth. Have a nice day! 🙂
2001-08-22 17:29:11 – The specter of death
/me just cleans off a bullet for Randal and waits patiently. It won’t be long now with all this upbeat-ness.
2001-08-22 17:49:33 – The Disco Nova
Woohoo! alright laura! way to be a slut!
2001-08-22 18:55:11 – rand0m
I took my CCNA books back … it didn’t cover all the parts of the exam … so, Ha-Reed, if you have those, I’d be willing to part with some $ if you’d be willing to let me have them … and lucky for me, I have a cisco 4500 here that I can use to practice on [much to the dismay of our Unix/Cisco guy 😉 ] … and james, that’s a little uncalled for man …
2001-08-22 19:12:36 – grip reamer
twill be only a matter of time before i will claim the souls of burnz and rand0m… wait, that kind of goes together, burnz and rand0m, rand0m burnz… attended beer pouring class today, and much to my dismay, i will not be allowed to drink beer while working my shift at judge baldwin’s micro brew from 3pm to 7pm… for those of you 21+ drop by everyone else, get an illegal hobit like smoking crack or shooting dirt….
2001-08-22 22:05:22 – The Disco Nova
Not really , you both are annoying me with this little pissing contest of yours. You deal with it by being pitiable, whereas Laura is trying to rub something in your face. "No Sir, I don’t like it"
2001-08-22 22:15:38 – Burnz
Thank god, it looks like another argument on the rand0m site. I was concered we would talk like human beings. *grabs the orville and gets a cherry spot on the couch*.
2001-08-23 00:44:32 – Laura
yes, i am rubbing it in his face, your face too. but i’m not a slut…so don’t say that, b.
2001-08-23 16:25:58 – The Disco Nova
Why bother rubbing it in my face? If I ever made a serious pass at you then I might take it personally, but as it is, you aren’t really worth it. OMG, I’m actually taking randall’s side in this, usually I’m telling randalllll to chill out.