party and ramblings …

went to laura’s birthday part on friday night … had a good time getting trashed. The dude from boulder wanted to plank emily … heh … laura is only a bitch around other people … and only to me … and last but not least, i am afraid of skate city. a good time was had by all.

I finally got the odbc / php thing to work with tony’s guidance to a microsoft knowledge base article … it works flawlessly — thanks! Only problem now is that my ftp program, which used to logon as a service under user ‘ftp_server’ refuses to do so now. for no reason. quite irritating. also, i worked a little bit on the php port. i feel like I’m losing steam there.

I think janelle is back in town; she has been idle on aim all day. don’t know though, because she could have logged in from somewhere and just left it.

sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you are.

2001-07-22 03:01:44 – Laura
yep, i’m a bitch, but only in public and only to you…hrmm…i think you’re right. don’t know why that is. maybe i’ll work on it. maybe i won’t. maybe if you didn’t annoy me so damn much. ah well.
2001-07-22 09:53:17 – nell
janelle was not back in town, but janelle is now back in town (got home at 2:00am last night). she does not know why her computer was online, or even ON for that matter, cuz she knows she turned it off before she left. however, it had been on for quite some time when she got home last night and saw on her screen IM messages from both randal and tore. sorry to not have responded to either of you, she was most likely somewhere above missouri or kansas. now, janelle must away to work. hope everyone had a good week, and happy belated birthday to both randal (though i did call you on your birthday) and laura.
2001-07-22 14:11:54 – The Disco Nova
Why are you scared of skate city randall?
2001-07-22 15:36:12 – rand0m
first off, it’s only one L — randal … and I’m scared of it now because when I went there, aside from the 2 other guys I was with, there were maybe 2 other white males. And the place was packed. It reeked of gangsta-ness … seriously, everyone had a hair pick, one pant leg up, their shirt on funny or something. Quite … not my normal ‘safe’ atmosphere.
2001-07-22 15:58:00 – The Disco Nova
Try Bosanova, it’s much whiter, no gangs, real nice maple floor, and there is a bunch of professional speed skaters I work out with there
2001-07-22 17:47:56 – Burnz
Oh lordy, every time I check on here it is just going downhill. The rand0m administration has really turned this site on it’s ear talking about skating rinks of choice. *sigh*
2001-07-22 17:50:34 – rand0m
I was actually hoping someone would pick it up and call me a racist asshole … then the flamefest would begin and everyone would be happy … looks to have not worked as well as I had hoped … next news topic: "I hate minorities!" =)
2001-07-22 22:23:11 – The Disco Nova
If all the exposure you have had to minorities has come from places like Skate City, then who can blame you?
2001-07-23 02:49:41 – Laura
2001-07-23 02:50:22 – Laura
god fucking damnit..i meant…"(yawn)"
2001-07-23 12:57:28 – The Disco Nova
Burnz, don’t get mad just because some of us like to do something to prevent the accumilation (I need spellcheck) of fat on our asses