techno & too busy

On the way home tonight I was flicking through the radio stations and I came across ‘Sandstorm’ … don’t know who it was by, but it was a really good song. The part where it slows down and gets kind of low, then builds back up is really neat; I was groovin the whole time =) On to work … that’s what has been up. Just over 14 hours today; tons and tons of stuff to do with deadlines looming. I have to move approximately 140 websites onto our now semi-distributed network, create the dns entries, update with network solutions, transfer the databases and make sure that everything works. Not real difficult, just takes forever to do. And one final thing … anybody know anything about ASP / PHP and their ability to use ODBC databases that are on remote shares? I keep getting “unable to open file ‘(unknown)’ — error 8000450” … I had to give up at 11:30, still no juice.

2001-07-20 04:07:56 – mike
yah think thats good, there is so much good techn o out there. ive been listening to kimball collins a lot lately, "International club union" is an awesome CD, kinda trancey, but good if ya like that kinda stuff.
2001-07-20 10:24:58 – bastard
HA HA… was hacked. Look out for those default.ida requests in your web logs techie boys and girls!
2001-07-20 14:43:48 – Burnz
Now I might fuck this up, but sandstorm is by Darude.
2001-07-20 15:19:38 – Ha-reed
You may have already been here, but it might help:
2001-07-20 17:24:27 – rand0m
jared … i already have the site pulling the info from the db; just that I am planning on migrating everything off of the current server [DOC2] onto another one [WEB1], while putting all the databases on another server [DB1] … the problem I’m having is getting PHP to work with an ODBC-Access database; I can get it to work with SQL no problem, but don’t have the desire to go to SQL yet [for portability’s sake]. so … if anyone has pointers about using PHP to access ODBC, MS Access based dbs located on remote shares, pipe up =)
2001-07-20 21:43:19 – Ha-reed
All you need to do is create a System DSN on the web server (you do this through the ODBC Data Source Administrator) to point to the Access database on the database server. Then use the standard ODBC commands in PHP. Or am I missing something here?
2001-07-21 10:55:55 – rand0m
You are missing something here. From what I can glean from the MS knowledge base, i have to disable automatic token generation for IUSR_WEB1, the user that IIS logs in as, create that same user on the database machine and give it local logon priveleges and then point WEB1’s system DSN to the file on DB1. should work. i hope.