howdee doody time

Thought I’d post because I haven’t done it in a while, and I’m antsy to type.

Now that I am definitely not enrolled for the fall 2001 semester @ uccs, I have decided to get my CCNA and some parts of my MCSE by the end of December. So now I have a goal =] I had a phone interview with Gateway, they are very interested. Scheduled a real interview for Tuesday @ 8:30am up there; I am confident they will find me indespensable. Also, the definite opportunity @ another company called Paradigm Infomedia [pdmi]. And that is that.

Interesting conversation:

realbighead: the female side felt kinda number-2-ish
realbighead: what with all their ‘get drunk, hook up, go home’
rand0m: yea, I was like ‘holy shit, that happens!?’

Interesting link: Need a job?

Oh yea, I am not taking Voicestream; it would go on file that I worked there, and that’s not what I want. Plus, it’s a long drive, and there are other things to do [like fix truck]. Also, check out the HPI Hi Tech Hate Hack. They got us pretty good due to the owners extreme incompetence. Lots of work ahead for me. [sigh]

2001-07-08 11:31:52 – Siaokh
What happened with the hack? Details man… we need Details! -Tim
2001-07-08 14:08:03 – rand0m
story time! We store all of our websites on a drive. that drive got full, so The Owner [of the company] copied all the websites onto a bigger drive. Unfortunately, all the files had the "inherit parent permissions." The default permission for a new drive is Everyone has full-control. So all of our websites had their permissions reset to "let everyone do whatever they want". Someone noticed it before we did, and exploited it. I sent them an e-mail saying thanks =D anything else interesting happening?
2001-07-10 14:04:14 – The Disco Nova
Not a very impressive hack then. At least they were just being mischievous instead of destructive.