what I would do

if I had some booze tonight. See, i don’t work tomorrow, so there is absolutely nothing stopping me from getting completely smashed tonight [besides the lack of inebriating liquids]. I have to mow the lawn, and that’s it. I’ll spend the rest of the evening doing nothing but sitting on my ass. I’ll drink what little bacardi I have left and fool myself into thinking I’m having a good time. Tomorrow, I’ll do the same all day, but without the bacardi part. woo.

I got paid today. it’s enough. not anywhere near as much as I want, or even close to the amount that I could put to good use, but enough. grr. I despise.

Update: here is an amazingly horrendous juicy tidbit that I just got in the mail.

Dear Randal:

Thank you for your interest in the University of Colorado. It has come to our attention that your application to UCCS for the fall semester 2001 has been submitted after the prime submission date, and as such, has been subject to careful scrutiny. Unfortunately, the Admissions Advisory Board has reviewed your application, and, in light of the enrollment surplus and particularly of your record of academic achievement, has decided to remit your admission to the University of Colorado for the fall semester 2001.

You may re-apply to UCCS for any later semester. The prime application date for the Spring semester 2002 is September 7th, 2001 until September 31st, 2001. It is highly recommended that you complete additional transferable college level courses from a regionally accredited college or university before re-applying. Your acceptance would be governed by admission requirements in effect at the time of application.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused for both your educational goals and your scheduling. Should you desire to discuss this matter in detail, please feel free to contact me. Good luck in your future educational endeavors.

Randall E. Kouba,

I feel warm inside. don’t you?

Update #2: Okay, so the whole thing has hit me now, and I am realizing that this is very, very bad. My plans are fucked. Going to probably spend this 4th of july determining what I am going to do for the next year. ()@*!@!*%^!^#%@%!@^!#^(*

2001-07-04 14:42:53 – Laura
yeah, randal, you should just send your application in again right now for the spring semester because you’ll definitely make it in. that way, you’ll only have half a year of time to waste before you can go to school. also, you can’t really think that turning in your application late was going to give you any chance at admission, did you? that’s a little ludicruous, i think. besides, look at it this way, you have another few months to save up money for school and get a good job and relax a little more.
2001-07-04 15:18:17 – rand0m
the thought of filling out an application right now makes me want to puke. i am completely disenchanted with any formal educational system. grr
2001-07-05 15:58:47 – bastard
And on that note, who would like to go on a hike saturday. Something like waldo canyon, and probably leave around 11am or 10am. ALSO, Party at Tony’s Movie Room at the Apartments. As I will be moving out August 1st, it is now time to trash the living fu5k out of my apartment complex and recoup the 10K I have spent on living there. Friday the 13th. Probably a scary movie, mostly drinking lots of alcoholic beverages, probably mikes hard lemonade or rum.
2001-07-05 23:45:56 – Laura
OK, i’ve decided that i have the worst luck ever. my best friend is driving in the 13th and you’re having a party and i’m going to see nsync. yet, for the past two weeks, everything has been dead. you people have disappeared. i am disconcerted. on another note, james hopson, i found out, works a building away from me…uncanny.
2001-07-08 18:39:57 – The Disco Nova
Laura, you never call me…
2001-07-08 23:54:28 – Laura
i was gonna call you monday. i’m busy. dayam, don’t get all up in my grill.
2001-07-20 04:16:06 – mike
the 4th roXXXored!! 🙂 hope everyone else had a great/safe/ non-arrested 4th 🙂