voicestream job

So I had my testy thing at Voicestream wireless today. The chick, Meredith [who was attractive, w0ot!], sat me down in this little room with a computer and said to take the warm-up typing test, then do the real test, then answer the 12 windows user-skills questions as fast as I could. I said okay. Sat down, finished 3 paragraphs in the 3 minutes of the warm up — I didn’t feel so hot about that. I hit the button for the real typing test, and it was 5 minutes; I got right around 6 paragraphs done; I didn’t get to practice the last 3, so I had to do the last half pretty slowly … then the windows skill test came up. Click click click click and I was done. Meredith then came back in to check my scores …

She looked at the papers coming out of the printer and she was floored. She told me that I had the highest scores of any person she had ever seen. 93 words per minute typing, and 17 seconds to finish the skill test. WOW! I am stoked at the fact that I am just about guaranteed a job @ a minimum of $12/hr [goes up once experience is reviewed], but I’m even more super happy about typing 90+ words per minute. That is freaking crazy! It makes me feel good =) And so I am just about guaranteed a job … with paid training!


Update: so yea, I went and saw tomb raider … with Angelina “Got Tit?” Jo Lee …. it was good. then i went to get gas and found out somzoesne vandalized my truck and put some of cemenet in my gas cap, so i can’t put any gas in. so i was bummmmmed about that, and then over here at tore’s house, i wasjn all sad, and then we decided to drink, and it’s coool, cuz i’m drunka sa a funking skunk it’s coool as hell hahahahahahaa. like, i just ook a shot and im’ so fucked up. i can’t ucking typea dnd i’m laughing so hardhahaha it’s cool. why is this so funny i don’t know but i am luahging my ass fof hahahhahaahaha, rock one ~~~~ g’night eveyrone

update #2 I have just been informated tat angelina’s last niame is spelt “jolie” hahahahaha, notoleseee~ !hhahahaa

2001-06-15 17:39:03 – bastard
congrats mi amigo!
2001-06-16 13:37:30 – Sinster
/me forwards update #1 and Update #2 to VoiceStream Wireless for review. j/k Hope you had a great night. 😉
2001-06-16 13:38:19 – Xeon
the link on your webpage to my site don’t work 🙁