today and rambling thoughts

Today was the most boring day I’ve had in a long time. Work consisted of me playing starcraft and thinking up things to do. If VoiceStream offers me $13 or more tomorrow, my term at HPI is done.

I was thinking about this today … what about gay people and gym showers? I mean, gay men get to go into the men’s shower room and view the cornucopia of manhood that abounds there. But they can’t quite go into the women’s locker room — I can imagine the looks the girls would give at a buck-naked guy waltzing into the showers. Never really thought about it, but gay guys have it made — chicks dig them, sex is, afaik, usually random and non-committal, and they get to go into the men’s locker room! they have everything going for them [except that ostracizing thing]. whack, huh?

I’m thinkin i’m gonna go party friday night … unless something else comes up that is better. Interview @ 3:30pm tomorrow, I need by beauty sleep — night-night!

2001-06-15 04:02:10 – god
i swear to god, you need to stop talking about things you know nothing about and also need to realize that stereotypes don’t contribute to anything. but, then again, it seems like most people like to talk about things they know nothing about…but i digress. anyway, are you partying? where? yeah. i need booze [alcoholism in the works, baby]. i need my three hours of sleep now. work is going to suck tomorrow. never go to the church, it sucks…the end.
2001-06-15 09:30:34 – Laura
spring spree is on saturday! woo! that’s not something for you to do tonight, but it gives you some plans for the day tomorrow 🙂 anyway…what are you doing tonight? wurd. you peeps have to check the mad hairdo.
2001-06-15 10:07:59 – omg
Finally! Someone made a funny spoof…
2001-06-15 11:10:42 – Laura
dude, i approve of that. "the miracle of wood" lmao.
2001-06-15 11:37:17 – rand0m
did I stereotype anything that hasn’t been proved 5000 times? [sarcasm] and I like talking about things I know nothing about — it makes me feel special, important and all knowing.[/sarcasm] oh, and I don’t know if you’re invited. sawwy.
2001-06-15 12:34:36 – Laura
proven by who? the people who make yeah, they’re awesome. i think i know more straight people having random non-commital sex, which is kinda sad. i mean, i suppose straight people an just label it as a gay male problem and keep acting irresponsibly, but that’s just my take on it. [brat mode on] and damnit, i want to be invited because i fucking rule and love inviting myself to things 🙂 [brat mode off]. nah, i wasn’t aware it was a private affair (sorry). anyway, i’m bored, what are people doing tonight besides exclusive high class parties in the broadmoor with expensive brandy and cranberry juice? damn. work sucks.
2001-06-15 15:32:36 – Conservative White Hetero Male #J-116
Randal is right about those damn ass rangers. They are all philandering animals that ought to be lynched by my KKK Grand Wizard. Fucking fags all are in interior design and hang out with tons of beautiful women in this platonic atmosphere. I can’t ever get that, women don’t like me as much because I am always trying to violate one orifice or another. There is scads of evidence to support these statements as well. Such as this lovely pamphlet "How Faggots Killed Jesus and other tales of Homo-erotic agenda." Gotta go now, skeet shooting is about to start. Rape the planet brothers!!
2001-06-15 17:42:51 – bastard
come on people, fags didn’t keel our savior lord jesus h. christ… everyone knows it was the jewwwwwwws (drag out the word to emphasize southern accent) and on another note, i regret to inform our followers, er, believers, er, good christian brothers that jimmy wienergobble, our homosexual recruiter-converter, was caught once again being influenced by the devil in a gay bar… times like these are trying. okay, now who wants to pony up for my new ministry corvette… gotta drive fast when you’re talking to god, otherwise he moves on to another state… god loves you all, byeeeee