i feel obligated to post

and so I will. today was pretty boring. didn’t do much. ate some food. did laundry. went up and saw janelle at the mall. bought some pants and a new cell phone antennae. came home. ate with dad. finished laundry. that’s about it.

I have a lot of khaki pants. I like them; they are very versatile. I can wear them with just about anything that’s in my wardrobe. Ahh, khakis.

*note to self: do not make anymore short, curt, to the point posts.

2001-06-04 11:53:14 – Siaokh
You gotta go for those Khakis that are both cargo pants and shorts in one. Double the wear, not quite double the price 🙂 -Tim
2001-06-01 14:29:10 – The Burnz
Cargo pants and Khakis? Good lord people, do you own Gap stock or something, you fucking company men? Peddling your damn soul for tan / beige garments. I am all about the colored slacks, I would argue they have equal versatility as well as a deeper sense of style. Khaki is just so street, I don’t feel it shows that you take your wardrobe seriously.
2001-06-01 14:05:56 – bastard
ditto tim got mine for 6$
2001-06-04 16:45:09 – Siaokh
<joke> Well… in the rugged urban ghetto… you gotta have cargo pants. You never know what’s around the next corner… gotta have all those extra pockets for magazines for your gat and all. Guess it’s a ghetto thing. </joke> But still… Cargo pants kick ass, enough pockets to carry everything you want… and still have some extra space… Keys, wallet, cellphone, leatherman… etc. I too have coloured slacks and find myself limited by them… cargo pants are the shit. -Tim
2001-06-04 17:17:13 – The Burnz
Get a jacket for carrying your shit. A nice leather with a lot of pockets, it saves on the transfer in and out of the pants and is very stylish with the slacks. Plus you can hide your nine and a sawed off in it for those raging rhinos that troll the streets of Ghettorado Springs.