and sweet. did nothing today. played frisbee with tony, tore, janelle, craig. met laura, lilly, amy, adrian, matt, janora, genie for coffee. craig mad, storms off. tony made fun of, leaves. i get gas, home.

that’s the rundown. I don’t think I’ll post anything more concise other than that Janora, Genie and Lilly are fun people to be around.

2001-06-03 02:53:22 – Laura
good to see i’m not fun to be around…guh. yeah, tony told me he wasn’t pissed off (i went in search of him). he said he just wasn’t having fun, which is prolly true. matt is not fun to be around, he’s turning into an elitest fuck….grrr.
2001-06-03 11:40:35 – rand0m
why would I call you fun when you seem to take a poignant interest in ragging on me every chance you get? That’s not fun.