I hate titles [still]

Last night I met up with Tore, Tony and Laura. We watched some of Half-Baked [movie]. Then we met up with Janelle downtown, and ultimately with some junior and senior IB people. It was pretty good. Then we all left. Exciting, huh?

This morning I wanted waffles, and I found that we had no syrup, so I had to find an alternative. That other choice turned out to Gnutella! Yes, the tasty chocolate-peanut-butter stuff tastes delicious on Eggo waffles. um-um-mmmm!

I will not be throwing a part at my place this week simply because I want to garner my parents trust. The past while of freedom has been great, and I would like to do it again without them having to worry about me. Sorry, no party. I hear there is one @ craig’s place on saturday, though. [grin]

2001-05-24 15:48:59 – Xeon
… sorry if anyone has tried to call me :/ My telephone has been out for 2 days now because qwest is fixing our T1 here at the <a href="http://www.thegeekpad.com">pad</a> hopefully I will have a phone by some time today 🙂 Call me on my cell if you want to talk to me! Today is thursday and new movies come out tomarrow!
2001-05-24 17:39:23 – Laura
I don’t know anyone who would be trying to call craig, would you? 🙂 but, i’m not even sure if craig is xeon. i can only assume. ok. bye
2001-05-25 02:06:23 – Man at Denny’s
Are you sure about your existance and what about the world 40 years later?