and another day flies by, without even slowing down to say ‘hi’. Recount: yesterday, I mowed the lawn and watered — my parents are out of town, so I have to put in some household chores. Mowing the lawn is not easy when the lawn mower is not very compliant with going fast. Then I watered. Then I went downtown and met Tore and Laura. We watched the avs beat the blues over at old chicago. Then we ended up outside HW Briggs, and laura got all heated that I referred to ‘homosexual’ people as ‘fags’. It is easy to see that she is very ‘liberated’. brainwashed Then I came home. And now it’s today.

Today was rather uneventful. Got into an argument with Jef because he is not competent enough to teach an introductory computer class. Got to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement too! My first NDA! w0ot! Was walking to my truck when I ran into janelle and tore; we had ice cream, went to the park, and then we all went our ways. And now here I am, in my room, sitting in my not-so-comfortable chair.

I just now realized that James Hobson [Nova] posted in the previous post’s comments section. His e-mail address points to stai.com, which does not have a website, but I think is a local ISP that is going out of business considered being bought by hpi?. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if he works there, or if that just happens to be his ISP. Dunno. Good to see that he’s alive and kickin, though. That’s about it for me, unless something extraordinary happens in the next little bit.

2001-05-22 23:56:49 – Laura
YOU ARE A COCK. fuck off. yeah, i’m so brainwashed, and you, of course, are not. but see, all the bullshit you spew could be seen as just reciting stupid shit you hear from other people’s mouths, and know nothing about. That, my friend, is more brainwashing than anything. fucking a, you blow.
2001-05-23 00:02:53 – Tore
Wow. PMS what? just kidding, just kidding…although I do think someone needs to calm down a bit. Recommended method: liquor. Hard, preferably, but eh, whatever.
2001-05-23 00:17:38 – Laura
tore, why aren’t you on AIM? you posted like a minute after me. and i’m not PMSing, i’m just not being brainwashed by a hardcore conservative DARE graduate 😛 but, i guess that would be wrong, then again, no one’s opinion can be wrong. guh. but yes, i think booze is a good solution. maybe some pot.
2001-05-23 09:54:01 – bastard
STAI links to SI International, just another defense company.