beat and rand0mbits

The past two days at work have really sucked. We had 72 modems smoke themselves into oblivion on monday night and had all of our denver dsl go down because an upstream provider didn’t pay it’s bills. This has generated an insane amount of work for me — not only work, but also *TONS* of irate people calling and bitching — it’s beating me to death. The dsl people have been the best, actually: many thanks.

So a customer comes in to the office around 5 today, and tells me how horrible we are and blah blah blah. He noticed that the modem bank went down monday night and tried to contact us — he thought we were market1 — the whois people are all wrong, qwest’s phone directory is wrong, blah blah blah. He comes up complaining about how no one ever notified him of anything. I pull up his e-mail box. Woo, IMAP. Search … … OH! Look, and e-mail from telling everyone that MDI customers have been assumed by hpi. … he shut up real quick. he told me to cancel his account and then left. grr.

# My parents are for sure leaving town on the 16th! rock on! Do I see ‘par-tee’ on the horizon?
# My truck has not leaked oil for a week! WOOoOOOo!
# Mike finally ditched Annie! go mike!
# Haven’t seen craig in 4 days now – suck!
# Everyone is coming back from college – ’bout time
# I feel really at ease around janelle … extremely beneficial right now, what with work sucking. Hope she does well on her exams — best of luck!

2001-05-10 09:37:49 – janelle
2 hours, 25 minutes to go. not that i’m counting or anything. thanks for the good luck wishes!!!