it ain’t so bad …

Well, i went to court this morning. It was an ass-raping, but at least they used lube — it wasn’t near as raw as it could be. Got there at 8:50am, and left there right around 10:45am. Loooong time. Anywho, the breakdown goes like so …

What I had:
Speeding – 72 in 35 – 6pts, $200 fine
Careless Driving – 4 pts, $200 fine
No Insurance – 30 Days jail time, $500 fine
Incorrect Registration – $100 fine

What I ended up getting:
Careless Driving – 3 points, $50 fine + $100 driving class.

Yes, I lucked out a lot, but I am still going to have to fight to keep my license — I’ll be lucky if I get to have a probationary one. So that’s the update. I’ll post more about my insane day, which involves smoke/fire and insane people, among other things. ’til later.