realization time

Man, today was again filled with realizations … I’m thinking this is a lifelong process. Anywho, went to work, it was … okay … hung out downtown. Went to Jose Muldoon’s for Karaoke night … came home. Here are the realizations, in no particular order:

  • there must be a guide for HPI customers — ‘how to fuck up your dial-up networking settings! for good!’
  • tragically, I cling to my ingrained morals
  • gnutella [the spread] is damn good
  • xeon, despite his intentions, should not fib, or should at least get more convincing at it.
  • i am not the amazing god of singing I thought I was. in fact, i suck.
  • Jean LaValley hangs out with people who act 28.
  • John Nielsen, from GWL, is a dick.

that should just about do it for now. Oh, btw, SuperDave, I’ll have those folders for you to take to denver sometime soon. rock on, rock hard.