and some more news

Man, today is a nice day. I was all ready to go to work, but that didn’t happen as planned. The weather distracted me, and I drove around for at least 1/2 hour, just cruising. It was cool. Came in to work around 10:15, and Jef says ‘hey, two messages for ya.’ … and that’s it … I was like ‘wow, what a job.’ … so far today, I have made 4 phone calls, and answered 3. Extremely demanding. I’m thinking I might start working on learning PHP, and ditch asp/vb.

I called Dr.Marten’s [shoe company] and talked to this nice girl named Sarah — told her my plight, and she’s sending me a catalogue, a form, and a shoe box so I can send my stuff back. I pick from the catalogue, and they send me a new pair of shoes. WOO!

There was something else I told myself I was going to post about this morning, but I don’t remember. I seriously considered writing them down so that I could post them, and almost did — must not have been that important.

Xeon’s page’s most recent post reminds me of what I used to be [still kinda am] quite a bit. Control-freak-made-of-gerber-carpet. Now that I think about it, I think I’m the hottest thing in the world, even though I know that’s only 73% true. Oh well, at least I have something to aim for.

On another note, GrooveMan sent me an e-mail! Long time no see man! I’m registered for RamCon, but I don’t know if I’m high enough up on the list to get in — I’ll start talking to Agent Orage / the other guy to see if they’ll let me, and my now-stomping servar in. I am seriously considering attending that gig in Alamosa w/ Xeon & Rev & someone else … I need to get into game form, though.

2001-04-18 14:57:29 – Burnz
Hey fairy, you almost got love from me today, but I realized I forgot your damn e-mail, not to mention the contact link on your site goes fucking nowhere, nice design. Still typing with your feet I see….now that was warm I thought. Gimme your e-mail.