a late one

Thought I’d put something up for the junkies =) Went out and saw Blow on friday night with craig janelle and tony — that’s a good movie, although parts of it are pretty lame. Johnny Depp doesn’t suck near as bad as he could have – I’d give it 3 1/2 stars. Janelle went home after the movie [ACTs the next morning], and tony and craig and I chilled at Pikes Perk, where we saw this 30+ lady urinate in the parking lot and proceed to get completely baked with some guy in a mercedes. It was quite odd. We also met a couple of girls, although a multitude of obtuse moves by the buffoons known as Craig and Tony killed any chances I had rather handily.

Today, after recovering from friday, the 4 of us got together again and went to denver. It was quite fun — we drove the whole way, having a good time, walked around LoDo and, aside from a twisted ankle, had a good time. I realized that I belong in a place like downtown denver; it seemed to call to me — it just struck a cord in me that said ‘this is right’ … I also recognized that I am hard up =(    Had a couple other realizations while I was there, none of which are near as good. After that, we went to Krispy Kremes, a donut shop that has lines 100 minutes long. It was fun – we got donuts, then drove to janelle’s house [from denver], made sure she was home by 12:00am, and then proceeded to just hang out at her house for an hour and a half. During the day trip, I realized how much it sucks to have lost what I had with Janelle; she is a really incredible girl and a great friend to boot. I also realized that Tony is a complete fruitcake, and Craig is a ‘bigger nerd than [me]’ which is kind of … … … bad? Here’s to hoping that somethings mend themselves and get off the rocks, while other things just start to look up.

On another note, I spent a lot of time researching traffic law and how to fight speeding tickets. I actually have an idea of what to do now in case el policia shows up to court. ‘night