It is a slow, boring friday. I want to take a nap, but there are some really mind-numbing tasks that I have to finish. [sigh]

I am awfully surprised to see that my hit counter has surpassed 800 — in such a short time, even. How long has this site been up? A month? hrmm … well, 800 isn’t that much then 😉 I bet that at least 400 of them have been me, cuz I post, check how it looks, repost, look again, update the site, take a look … it’s probably more like 600 of the 800 are me. that’s kind of depressing, but at least I know that I think I’m popular =)

Still nothing to do … why aren’t you people beating down my door? I have the feeling that I might drive to denver and spend the weekend there. Or in Boulder. Tony, if you read this, want to get some crispy cream things in denver this weekend? hrmm