PSA: I curse too much.

[b]Public Service Announcement[/b]: I curse too much, and you probably do too. We should all clean up our language a little bit so that when we -do- curse, it means something. I just realized this when I searched for ‘f*ck’ and it came up with 146 results, which is a full 29.55% of my posts. I think that is a little excessive. And I swear on here much less than I do in normal conversation. That’s all, carry on.

2005-10-03 19:01:02 – jrdn
rofl… thats fucktastic
2005-10-03 23:16:08 – nick
Made me curious…..I’ve said fuck in 222 posts out of 328. Right around two fucking thirds of the time. You have to go 17 posts back to find the first one that doesn’t contain fuck. On the other hand, though, I curse a lot more on there than I do in regular conversation (well, recently anyway, with a conscious cut-back).