amanda left, night on the town

OK so amanda left. The woman is gone. I am sad. So I drank my tears away. Started out at Eden, which is thep roest club in cosprings by far. yo0u have to have to go there. it’s good. lots of cool peeps, hot bitches, the works. oh, and the martinies are pure alcohol. yea. so then we went over to the Thirsty Parrot, where I eat lunch somteimse. Ran into Hossain from palmer highschool days, which was nuts. Good to see him again. WEt tehn went back over to Eden, but the line was aroudnt eh corner. So we talked ot Kenneth and some hot bs, but then decided to leave. so we went to 15c. So we get to 15c, and the normal weatiress, tanya, is on vacation, adn this hot chick (don’t know her name) servse us. Shes’s cool as shit. Are martines were late, though, so she gave us a rfree round, and keen had a pravda cosmo. OH, Eden serves huge bottasle of pravda in a bucket of ice. It must cost liek $150. Wow. Ok so ciagars and amrtinies. So tehwn we leaft 15c, hoping that Kenneth awas having a party, so we sho up to eden, and there are half naked shicks dancing on thea bles. Wow hot. So then I rand into Jon from cosprings young professionsals. OH right before that, I radn into Dave and Sarah on the corenr, that was pro. SO we hung at eden talking to jon & ken, but then had to bounce, closing and shiz. It waas a helluva night, and i”m drunk as shit. Amanda is gone, and I’m really not very happy, but the alchool is doing a good job at keeping me more happy.