WOW first tiem for eveythign

For thef ist time in my life I felt like thwoirng up while drunk. I thew up and I feel so muh geteter, that I can’ explaini t. Went out with jmeas to 15c and met up with christen (sp(?0 BENTS and her frind Nam. Nam manages BRAcKGROUSNZ a local bar. We got reallly trashed. Nam had sad that whe’d pay for or taxi ride home i fwe came othis bar (which hae managaes) so we did. I deided I could beat him at pool wihl drunk. I shot the 8-ball into thwe wrong hole. so i had t pay for the cab. came home, chagned ou the laudnry and said “I feel like pukinG!!” 2 seconds later I’m bowing tot he poercelain goad. And it was good. Fist time I’eve ever pueked fro drnking too much.. James and I hda a haelll of a time. it’s 4:38am, so I’m going to ged. YAY FOR durNK! A LOT

2005-02-28 04:25:55 – pinky
you’re ri-goddamn-diculous…hehe. i bet you feel like shit in the morning when you read this. eat come yogurt. it will make your tummy feel better.
2005-02-28 04:32:59 – The Disco Nova
Christ you are quick, we just got home. Get a life.
2005-02-28 16:26:45 – rand0m
I IM’d her right after I finished changing my laundry … so she wasn’t being an ultra-refresh monster.
2005-02-28 23:38:57 – Dolan
HAHA, holy cow, drink much? Wow, gg mate.
2005-03-01 09:41:12 – Craigalito
/me hits F5 10,000 times
2005-03-02 12:26:27 – Netheus
you drink liquor, I drink coffee, you puke and go to sleep, I stay up all night, wishing for the world to stop turning, and I don’t get to bed. So we both then proceed to drink coffee in the morning in order to deal with THE SHIT, and you are all for the better, and I am up for more than a week at a time wishing for the end of linear time and the beginning of the END. argh… I need a new drug.
2005-03-02 16:29:33 – pinky
crack is cheap
2005-03-02 17:08:32 – The Disco Nova
Awwww, I’m sorry Laura, you know I love you.
2005-03-11 05:18:58 – jrdn
lol i some how missedd this wonderfull post lol