Haxoring, Deleting, Restoring, A/C, Christmas

Nick’s server, which hosts rand0m.org, got “hacked” by an automated script that was running around exploiting phpBB installations. It rewrote all the .html & .php files with a defacement notice. So I restored from a random backup. Thank god it didn’t fsck with the database. Speaking of the database, I was doing maintenance to get everything back up to snuff. With a mistype of only a few characters, I erased every comment newer than 08/03/2001. Yes, 3+ years of comments (almost 5000!), gone. Poof. I had a totally accidental backup right there though, so after 30 minutes of script writing, I reinserted all the comments back into the database. It took .89 seconds to insert 4,785 rows. GG Computers! One of the Air Conditioning units at ONS stopped working this morning around 2am. At 5:38am I started getting phone calls from our alerter thing every 10 minutes telling me that it was now 72 degrees. 73. 74. 74. 75. 76. 76. 76. 77 … eventually on up to 80/81, where it stuck. There isn’t shit I could do about it, though, as I am not an AC whizbang guy at all. Called in Olson Plumbing and heating to take a look. Turns out that one of the cooling fans on the roof died. This caused the refrigerant to not cool off, keeping the system high-pressure. This high-pressure status made the compressor cycle on and off 2 or 3 times a minute, each time with an audible “Bang/WhumWhumWhum”, as it would come on, check the pressure, turn off. Repeat. The HVAC guy removed the fan, discharged the refrigerant and piped #1 compressor into #2 compressor, so we’re doing OK – but we are waiting on a replacement cooling fan. I’m going to my ‘rents place for Christmas Eve. I bought them some hot shizzle. I wish I spent that much money on myself. Then Christmas Day, I’m supposed to go skiing? Or do dinner with my parents? I think my wallet will decide that one. Talked to SuperSammi last night – she’s in town for the holidays … and more! It’ll be nice to have another smart woman to spend time with. <3 smart chicks.