Quiz Time!

Ganked from [L=http://pinklaura.blogspot.com]Laura’s Page[/L] A cool survey that ALL the cool kids are doing! 1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: Phonebook: “9577 Coronary Heart Disease” 2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? A filing cabinet. It’s been here forever. 3: What is the last thing you watched on TV? Um, it was last night … and it was … Oh, The Daily Show. 4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is: 1:26 5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 1:21 6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? People in the hallway, chatting about their kids 7: When did you last step outside? what were you doing? I was outside this morning around 10am when I was getting into my truck 8: Before you came to this website, what did you look at? Mah Inbox. Outlook 2003 Owns me. 9: What are you wearing? Jeans, sneakers, black AMD T-Shirt & a gray Atlanta Braves Sweatshirt 10: Did you dream last night? I am sure I did, and I’m sure it involved everything that is wrong with my life 😉 11: When did you last laugh? A real laugh? Hmmm, yesterday while in #freebsdhelp on EFNet. Somebody said something funny. Other than that it’s all bullshit fake laughing. 12: What is on the walls of the room you are in? A bunch of “Good Job!” emails, network schematics, lots of whiteboards, a poster thing of the Arches in Utah. 13: Seen anything weird lately? Not particularly. Not even yesterday. hmmm. Of course, I exist in only one of 4 places. 14: What do you think of this quiz? Meh. It asks questions that I think are aimed at lighthearted people, and I’m not. So it’s sorta depressing. Like … WOW, I don’t laugh, and WOW, I’m working and WOW, wtf am I doing? 15: What is the last film you saw? Hmm. It was on TV … OH, right, Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure (I know, ‘wtf!?’ you’re saying) 16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? Instant answer, New Car. Second answer … a car, followed by a ton of other things. 17: Tell me something about you that I don’t know: I loathe doing almost everything. No joke. 18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? I would try to remove peoples’ fear – fear of government, fear of retribution, crippling fear. Critical for progress. 19: Do you like to dance? Nope. I’m horrible at it, and I look even worse while doing it. 20: George Bush: is he really doing Dick Cheney? Holy shit, Cheney is gay? 21a: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?: Sarah. Dunno why, but I’ve always liked that name. Maybe Rebecca. 21b: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?: Steven. I’ve known a good amount of amazing Steves. 22: Would you ever consider living abroad? Absolutely.

2004-04-08 16:42:02 – Netheus
Page 18, line 4: ashamed of this? And if the person with whom I am arguing says: Yes, but I do care;
2004-04-08 17:57:22 – Master Ha-reed
WTF? Randal posts twice in one week? It’s amazing!
2004-04-08 18:01:20 – rand0m
*bursts into song* It’s amazing fruit, amazing fruit! On an entirely unrelated note, I don’t like living/working near Palmer HS because it makes me question what the _FUCK_ I was doing while I went there. Or rather, what I wasn’t doing. Goddamn. /Lecher.
2004-04-08 23:50:11 – Master Ha-reed
Watching Hartman juggle staplers and occasionally lose control of one, Watching Schulzki try to apply what he learned in Anger Management therapy by slowly counting to 10, Listening to Kern talk about life, philosophy, Buddhism and happiness, Wondering what fucking moron on Student Council put that asstastic song on the intercom today, Skipping class to hang out at Boulder Street, and singing Chickity Boom A La Bim Boom Bah.
2004-04-09 12:29:07 – WC
Whoever came up with that quiz needs a lot of attention, … or professional help with a side helping of ritalin. I hate it when I get email like that. Often times I wish I could print the email out (I don’t have a paper since I very much hate paper) and burn/bomb/shoot/destroy/mangle/punch holes/crumple/nuke it and then frame the remains.
2004-04-09 14:42:30 – rand0m
WC, read that paragraph then tell me again who needs ritalin.
2004-04-09 17:51:31 – The Disco Nova
Or Valium. Mixed wiht Codein
2004-04-10 00:29:55 – Netheus
I am going to go and see Jello at Pueblo on the 19th at 6pm it’s free, and I am driving the bus, so if anyone else wants to go, and maybe kick in like a buck or two for gas, that would rock. Otherwise it’s my highly impressionable 15 year old sister. call and leave a message if ya wanna go 228-0278
2004-04-12 15:38:55 – WC
J-E-L-L-O: "It’s alive!"
2004-04-15 23:34:17 – Netheus
cynical statement apocalyptic destruction bah esoteric clap trap
2004-04-19 03:38:22 – WC
I hate it when sometimes things get forgotton or overlooked. Sucks. Or people are just TOO lazy to post! BTW who else thinks we went into Iraq big headed and now we are starting to feel the effects since we think we are so "bad to the bone". Sucks we still have to fight this stupid thing. uhhg. … and fire cheetos are yummy.
2004-04-19 08:31:42 – Netheus
I heard a great joke Saturday: Bush goes too see a neurologist. The Neuroligist says, "Well, you have 2 sides to your brain." "Well, doesn’t everybody have 2 sides to their brain?" "Yes, but in your case, on the left side there’s nothing right, and on the right side there’s nothing left!" hee hee hee hee I can’t tell jokes.
2004-04-20 00:45:51 – WC
First things first. Happy 4:20! ok. So how did people know that Adam (the biblical figure) was Luthern? You can tell he was luthern because a naked woman was standing in front of him and he was tempted by fruit. 😉 Have a safe and happy day!
2004-04-20 01:06:31 – Netheus
A> 4-20 is also the anniversary of Columbine, Hitler’s birthday, my boss’s daughter’s wedding, and it doesn’t officially start till 4:20 am. B> Jello kicked ass. Came up with two new pop expressions I plan on using: Christian Supremiscists, and Mad Cowboy disease.
2004-04-20 10:49:53 – Hellbent Rob
14.What do you think of this quiz? A: Its for people that have way too much time on their hands 15. What is the last film you saw? A: Movies? You mean there are still movies, I thought I’d sunk into the abyss of "too much to do, to little time to do it in"
2004-04-21 00:19:23 – a nice girl
minor interruption in the usual pattern of randal’s page because i need a little time to vent: 1) i hate college and all i want to do is crawl in bed and sleep for twelve years and maybe cry for awhile but i don’t even have time to eat or sleep properly 2) i hate the idea that college will be over in a month and then i have to figure out what the hell to do with the next 80 years 3) everyone and their monkey is getting married (or did ages ago, ahem) and it’s really weirding me out, especially considering the closest thing i’ve had to a date lately was a night at mimi’s with randal which, while fun, carried no potential for an interesting sexual relationship 4) i should really be doing homework but i’m wasting time on the internet instead anyway, you may now all return to your usual rand0m.org, and i gotta go figure out a whole buncha crap about walt whitman and some guys from latin america.
2004-04-21 03:08:01 – WC
Neth: I’m not married. 🙂 So I was thinking of posting about today since it has been the best day so far this year. I stayed up way past my bedtime so that I could drive down to boulder for 4:20 am (which is why I posted happy holidays earlier) only to get there in time for the campus police to kick everybody off the field. Meh. So me and my friend Ilya (who also attends SPLAT with me) went back to his place and smoked a bowl. After that we went to this really great place called K’s Donuts and I got a bagel with egg cheese and sausage while Ilya got almost the same thing but without the sausage. After breakfast I took him home and said goodbye since I hadn’t been to bed yet and wanted nothing more than to pass out. Racheal called me at 9 am almost on the dot wanting me to get up and out of bed. I told her to go away and that I was very tired. A little dissappointed she hung up and I went back to bed. After a few hours I woke up again, it was now 1:20 pm. Got dressed, skipping my shower since I took one at 3:50 am and left to take Rachael to Chipotle since she was hungry. Although I didn’t finish my burrito (which is very unlike me) I was content and full. We then went back to my house to finish burning Seabiscuit and grab the DVD’s we rented back to Hollywood Video. On our way out the door my Aunt (who is an extremely nice and outgoing person) [I]gave[/I] me $20 and said have a fun time today. So we took the DVD’s back to the store, grabbed some sandals at her house and took off for Boulder. After walking around Pearl St. Mall for awhile, we found this shop that had all sorts of cool stuff in it. I ended up buying Racheal a nice mood ring since she lost hers over a year ago. That made her proud since she was missing a ring on one hand and needed to be balanced. At about 3:30 pm we are heading back home on US36, when I get the crazy idea to go to this movie theatre in south denver (off Hampden and I25) only becuase neither of us had been there before. We decided on "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind". It was a good flick starring Jim Cary sp? about how a guy was dating a chick only to find out she erased him from her memory, so he does the same thing and yadi dah you have to see it for yourself to see what actually happens. Anyway back to my story. We were about an hour early to the show so we grabbed some bagel sandwiches at an overpriced deli and headed back to the movie theatre. This place was sweet. This theater had a digital projector for slides and it was SHOWING commercials and trailers for upcomming films. It was pretty slick. So I’m sitting in the theatre during the movie and it kinda made me think and reflect on how nice it is to have someone that cares enough for you that they would die in moment while being with you and feel content with their life. That made my heart glow, as the past few days I have been kinda depressed with my life in general. I don’t know why but I was and that thought helped clear my head. 🙂 . The drive how was for the most part quiet as both of us enjoyed a mellow drive with little traffic on the I. We got home and just hung out. Everything today just kinda clicked.
2004-04-21 04:01:01 – The Disco Nova
It is always nice when a woman that you took out on a date lets you know you are an eunuch in her eyes on your blog. Give the guy a chance, he could surprise you.
2004-04-21 09:35:03 – Netheus
eep. Nice day WC. I have a big ass paper due in 8 hours. I am going to die. Earth day is tommorow. do something earth friendly, like eat something organic or at least not produced by a polluting company like McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, or any of the chains. Go to the organic earth cafe place, it’s actually pretty good. Last I heard, Sencha was organic too. And for the love of your ulcer, try water instead of coffee, soda, or tea.
2004-04-21 12:13:06 – rand0m
>>It is always nice when a woman that you took out on a date lets you know you are an eunuch in her eyes on your blog. No shit. That is no fun to hear, especially from somebody that I’ve been totally smitten with for going on, what, 7 years? I don’t know if she’s just not interested, or if she thinks I’m a total loser-slob who has no value. Regardless, those are her opinions, even if I think their wrong. 😉 And craig, I’m glad your day picked up – you were pretty down for a bit there … tell Rachel HI for me 🙂
2004-04-21 16:51:17 – pinky
randal’s a eunuch? what the hell?
2004-04-22 02:41:54 – WC
If randal’s a enunich than I am a male loathing feminist. Randal is so far from being a enunich … in fact I don’t think randal couldn’t like girls or have any sort of gay tendency if he tried. 🙂 ..and rachael says hi to everyone. I can’t wait until this summer! It’s snowing here 🙁
2004-04-22 04:50:59 – WC
You know I really liked your old site randal. I was just ‘illin on it (in fact i’m posting from it right now) and its really effing fast! I would like to quote you though from something you said a long time ago but yet is still posted in your notes section "[I]I would like to have a woman in my life with which I can share things, instead of keeping it all clammed up inside. I still like panties, though … contradiction there?[/I] –rand0m kinda made me laugh .. and wtf am I doing up at 4:50 am?
2004-04-22 09:32:41 – Netheus
Was at Independent Records last night. Upon looking through the DVD’s, I found a movie that came out in 2001 called "Vampires Anonymous." It was about a group of vampires who don’t want to be vampires anymore starting their own 12 step program. Hee hee hee hee.
2004-04-22 12:46:38 – pinky
my god! all those feminists are male loathing! craig, you’d be lucky to be a feminist…hehehe. that’s right, i said it, snaps!