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So the general gist is that my life is a string of days that all run together in a haze of work work work, with the occasional attempt at sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Blah blah blah pitty party for me, blah blah blah. The store is going really well. Two mondays ago, the store made a total turn around in progress. We ran a lockin the weekend prior, and ever since, things have just been booming. We’re full+ during lunch hours, but it slacks off to nearly nothing after 5pm. That sure sucks, because I’m the post-5 guy, but I have to console my self with the fact that we aren’t going out of business due to our strong daytime. Despite that, we have an odd reboot while playing issue that has me stumped. EverLAN was this last weekend. It was really long, but a really good time. It was just huge, the biggest EverLAN yet. You can read all about it at I am really impressed with my roommate Matt Keen. He’s a stand up guy and has been absolutely invaluable in making the store go. He also puts up with my near-incessant bitching / whining / demands, all without a word. Because of that, we’re going to do whatever we can to keep him around. <3 keen. My truck lost a drive shaft bolt on Monday night around midnight. I drove her home, but am waiting for my $1.44 each bolts to arrive at Toyota so I can pick them up. Other than that, no other issues at all. Yea, incredible that my POS truck still works, huh? I was at Old Chicago the other night and got to enjoy see that not only is the food good and the beer excellent, it’s also a huge drug hotspot! If you’re looking for some drugs, you absolutely need to go to Old C’s, cuz they’ll hook you up. Our wait totally scored some weed while we were waiting for our food, and then sorta pranced around all happy about it. I’d like to put in a section about Girls, but I have even less to say here than about any other section. I haven’t spent any time with any girl at all, which is unfortunate, but you know, when you’re hella busy, that’s breaks. I guess I’ll just keep dreaming about Sammi 😉 It’s almost 2am, I’ll post something more indepth tomorrow as it crosses my mind.

2003-11-13 01:28:25 – WC
2003-11-13 01:38:43 – WC
Pinky: Looked this up for you: "is"- Is, v. i. [AS. is; akin to G. & Goth. ist, L. est, Gr. ?, Skr. asti. [root]9. Cf. Am, Entity, Essence, Absent.] The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the indicative mood, present tense; as, he is; he is a man. See Be. [b]^ That is the definition of ‘is'[/b] OK this really pissed me off making me want an ATI even more. Ok get this. nVidia who [u]used[/u] to make really good video cards and drivers for them released some shitty drivers recently. I updated them thinking everything was fine and went to go play Desert Combat only to find me missing textures, seeing through walls, crashing into invisible mountains, see stuff that really isn’t there (like walking through walls). Kinda irritated me since I had to deal with it the entire time at EverLAN, since it only affects DC .5b. Fuck! So reading the forums tonight I found the only fix is to wait for the nVidia fucks to fix their broke ass shit. grr. I hope randal has something interesting to say 😉 he only has a month of updates to do :-D. I’m out.
2003-11-13 01:49:16 – Master Ha-reed
Now the real question, is what does "be" mean?
2003-11-13 09:33:16 – GrooveMan
News, Real News… OH YEAH!!! Randy I have [SOB]BigHead, [SOB]GrapeApe, [SOB]FireHawk and Me [SOB]GrooveMan coming to the lock in this weekend. Prepare to get PWNED. I may be able to get one more person to come as well, maybe [SOB]Spaz or -=hpsf=- Pheonix. BTW how in the world do you reserve a spot for the Lock-In? Your site tells you to reserve a seat however there isn’t a link or anything. You should make one w/ a seating chart or something, imho.
2003-11-13 13:22:13 – Netheus
You can pawn randal? How much do you get for him?
2003-11-13 14:44:22 – WC
wo0t! news!!! Last time i read this post it said "adding news, hang tight" yay!!! PWNED = OWNED & POUNDED
2003-11-13 14:59:43 – rand0m
or maybe it’s just a mistype of "owned" because P is next to O.
2003-11-14 15:42:49 – The Disco Nova
Heya GrooveMan, I will be at the lockin as well. I have been honing my 1337 C130 and bombing skills.
2003-11-14 15:52:52 – rand0m
Only because you’re not good enough to play regular BF.