Sickness sucks, party, girls

So I’ve been sick for going on 5 days now. It all happened on Wednesday night of last week … went out to play some pool and got ill. Been sick ever since. I even took Monday off because I felt like hell. I usually shake things pretty quickly, you know? Two or three days max … this one looks like it’s gonna be a few more days before I’m 100%. I’d like to thank James for a wicked party on Saturday night. Goddamn. Although I was really, really sick, a DD, and not able to partake in all the festivities, I had a really great time. Especially because of *THAT* few minutes. hehehe. Thanks James! I would just like to say that I think Becky is super great. She’s always nice, and smells good, and has things to talk about. And she’s really great to snuggle with. *blush* So great having her around 😀

2003-05-20 12:41:42 – The Disco Nova
Whatever you got, I think you gave it to me. I’ve felt like hell ever since that night.
2003-05-20 13:12:38 – rand0m
2003-05-20 16:14:19 – Netheus
2003-05-20 18:33:53 – rand0m
wtf!? I don’t know any asians … 😉
2003-05-21 15:37:12 – WC
OoOOO rand0m’s got a girl!! *punch* Just joking you go man! It’s all about the snuggling 😉
2003-05-21 19:10:42 – Siaokh
Thats right… the punch lives on! Sorry to hear you’re ill randal… Usually if i’m sick for more than 3-ish days… i go and see a medical professional. While antibiotics are over prescribed… in your case, they probably can do some good. -Tim
2003-05-21 20:15:42 – rand0m
Luckily, I’m feeling a *lot* better … should be good for tomorrow 😀
2003-05-22 11:49:00 – Netheus
Did you know that the SARS mutated, and it now also goes after the intestines?
2003-05-22 23:55:04 – Netheus
I was just rememberin’. One time, right before Carolyn moved to Japan before our senior year, Logan-5 and I were over at her house. We had spent the night, he with Brian, and me in the basment on the harder than cement bed. We were sitting on a couch discussing ever so nerdily the finer points of Star Wars books. We disagreed on the basic pronounciation of one of the characters names. So he called up the fan boy magazine and got a "professional Opinion." hee hee hee. Thems was good times.