Okay, Informal Poll Questions

Okay, so we’re starting a CyberCafe. We have a URL and a logo picked and made, as well as a very large, very detailed business plan. But we are lacking one thing, and that is the approach to the whole thing: Should it be a computer gaming place + loungey/coffee-esque thing [b]OR[/b] Computer gaming place + pool + arcade games + small lounge? Any input on this topic is of great importance, and will most definitely impact what we choose to do. I’m having a hell of a time finding a cruiser (motorcycle) that is > 250cc and < 750cc. They just don't exist unless you want an early 90s model. And I don't want to get stuck with a tiny little bike that I'll want to sell in 2 months, and I don't want a monster that I'll be afraid to ride. Suck. At least I've got mad bank right now. heh. After some more thought, have decided that the Becky thing is a lost cause. 'nuff said. Went out w/ Christine for coffee last night and had a good time, although I wouldn't wish her situation upon anybody. It made me realize, primarily, that everybody has family issues -- *nobody* is exempt. Secondly, it really hit home that Family is the one thing that we can't get rid of, ever. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, though. Props to Craigalito on landing a job at an ISP ... you're in for a ride ... hope things are as well run there as they are here 😉 Oh, and yesterday was the 3 year ... oh, forget it already. I'm such an idiot.

2003-02-20 18:05:10 – pinky
since there are a million and four coffee shops in colo. springs, and admittedly, not enough things for folks under 21 to do i would say arcade/pool/etc. and make it a place that isn’t sketchy like that pool place by the citadel. yeah, that’s all. go to hell 🙂
2003-02-20 19:32:51 – Siaokh
How big of a location are yall planning on renting? Where in town is it? What is your target markets age? Wireless for those who want to bring their own laptops? Charging on a time basis, or a data basis? What kind of machines (Gaming powerhouses, or just some run of the mill machines like you’d find in kinko’s) What sort of hours of operation? How are you going to prevent "Hacking" or people stealing other peoples passwords with keyloggers? etc etc…. Personally i’d go with the computer gaming place + loungy-ish stuff… a few arcade machines around the joint and maybe a 6foot small pool table. Plopping yourself down with a cup of coffee to talk with friends, you really dont want a computer in your way… or do you? i dunno… Rambling and what not at this point. -Tim
2003-02-21 14:45:17 – Netheus
I think that your place should have lots of cool stuff, but you need to watch out for space. Do you have a location picked out, or a general buisness plan that involves a building design that you will try to adhere to? See, I am not good at buisnessy stuff, but physical locations and the what not- design, set-up, what looks good, parking, various random legal stuff- that’s what I know.
2003-02-21 20:37:54 – Garfunkalow
I would recommend the p00l + small lounge thing.. arcade games.. um.. you are going to have computers there right? oh yeah.. a liquor license would be nice to those who are 21+, maybe not kegs and whatnot, but at least beers in a bottle.. like chipolte… mmm… beer… -Ian
2003-02-21 21:05:17 – Disco Nova
I’m guessing that a Liquor license will be a little out of randalls price range.
2003-02-21 23:34:41 – pinky
i retract my statement in a previous thread stating that randal was over what’s her name. that is all 🙂
2003-02-21 23:45:19 – rand0m
heh. 😉
2003-02-22 00:48:23 – WC
Thx Randal. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I think a nice hang out would be cool. Loungy feel + a pool table + giant beanbag chairs w/ X-Box/Gamecube area. As for computers I’d go with not top of the line PC’s but something a notch or two down. As for drinks I recommend only selling bottled drinks. That way you minimize the spillage. I’d also recommend getting some turntables (low end models but DJable for starters) that way if a person feels the need they can provide music for your [u]fans[/u]
2003-02-22 10:31:16 – Netheus
Yeah, the turntable thing is a good idea, because if you at least have the are to set it up, DJ’s like Cracker and my sweetie can bring their own shit.