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Work was long this week. Sure, it was a 4 day week and it’s over in less than 5 hours, but it sure took it’s time. A much larger than normal amount of office drama taking place regarding some potential business. I’m usually pretty busy fielding calls and putting together proposals and such, but pretty slow on the admin side of things. Our upstream provider sucks ass. No, I won’t say why. Grr. I am in love with UUnet. <3<3<3 UUnet. Not much else going on. It’s Friday. I think someone is having a party but I don’t know. I am not in the loop on these things. I think I might go to Chipotle for lunch, but goddamn, that’s like 1500 calories in one go. Ugh. Oh, have to buy a YMCA membership today so I can swim. mmmm, swimming. Have you ever noticed that you put on different game faces for different people? We’re showing our wireless to some people today, and I’m playing the joe-blow sysadmin role, and then when I’m talking to Jack I have to be very, very clear, slow and thought out. Then when I talk to Corey, I go at hyperspeed and things just flow. I think the dynamic between people is what makes and breaks things, and I’ll tell you, more and more every day it is me doing the sales routine with a stab of tech to lure buyers. It’s fun, it really is. I think I’d be good at it, but nobody takes a 20 year old seriously in the tech industry unless there is experience or a pile of acronyms following the title. Just gotta do what I do best, I guess.

2002-09-06 14:28:48 – Burnz
/me pictures rand0m swimming and sees many many small mexican children throwing wet tee-shirts on him to keep him hydrated until the tide comes back in. I’ll save you the trouble – Fuck you Burnz. Punch. 1st post motherbitches.
2002-09-06 15:49:47 – Name
I didn’t mean to imply CO sux i meant the timezone you live in sux, sorry to offend you neth. and random i always surf anonymous less pings to static ip.
2002-09-06 15:56:50 – tony
2002-09-06 16:12:22 – rand0m
well, as long as you’re not a huge dick I don’t think there’s a problem … welcome on board 🙂 Man, 4:14pm, and I want to go home. I think I’ll put the logo on some business cards.
2002-09-06 16:20:25 – Siaokh
No tony, it’s Punch. Get it right. So today is friday…and what is there to do in texas on a friday? You guessed it… Highschool Football, it’s like a religion out here or something, who knows. Maybe it’s just parents attempting to live vicariously (fuck you i cant spell) through their children, or the appeal of gladiator style violence (safe for our kids). Let’s count the concussions little johnny gets. Should be fun though, lots of lookie-no-touchie from the highschool cheerleaders *drool*. Weekend not much fun is supposibly going on, working and working, and "homework" lol, yeah. We’re starting to get some neat stuff in, too bad i dont make enough to buy any of it. Somewhere along the line i’m going to try to go camping out here by a lake… avert the west-nile virus, and go Jetskiing. w00. Jumping the wakes of larger boats on those things is quite thrilling. (i already said punch. but whatever) -Tim
2002-09-06 16:24:14 – Siaokh
Ok… maybe i can spell. but fuck you anyways. -Tim
2002-09-06 19:25:17 – netheus
no, your time zone sucks. Our time zone gives us uncanny math skills, yo. I made a turkey dinner today. It was great. Randal, we should get together for sookashay sometime this week. Top 10 reasons not to do speed/ crack: 10. You quit sleeping. 9. You quit eating. 8. You magically start fucking people over left and right. 7. You call your 20 year old daught from your hotel room at 3 a.m. every morning for a week, and expect to get a ride to somewhere. 6. Your IQ/ g score immediatley drops 10-50 points. 5. You quit sleeping. 4. It’s expensive. More so than drugs that allow you and encourage eating AND sleeping. 3. You have no idea what else is in it. 2. Sudafed and coffee are cheaper. 1. You quit eating.
2002-09-06 21:29:52 – pinky
i’m guest blogging on my friend matt’s site, so if you want to head over to [L=]here[/L], you can read the bullshit that is Laura. wooo! also, i have to say that it probably doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in because really, uh, colorado still rocks.
2002-09-07 18:46:08 – rand0m
wow, what an interesting saturday. It’s almost 7pm, and I’m still in my pajamas. Hmmmmmmmmm … at least my chicken is marinating nicely. Yummy, yummy chicken. w3rd.
2002-09-07 21:02:54 – tony
wow, wierd, just got an email that says i may have to get an anthrax vaccination ack, me be sick soon
2002-09-08 00:53:02 – Siaokh
Tony… just take cipro… works just as good… aleast that’s what iv’e heard. Anthrax vaccine is just the way the military uses it’s peons as gunnepigs. I’m watching the breakfast club, and it’s made me realize the 80’s sucked… a lot. But we’re past that, and it’s all good. Gotta work tomorrow, so i’m headed to bed. Punch. -Tim
2002-09-08 02:30:44 – Disco Nova
*begin negative exhalation*
2002-09-08 02:31:50 – Disco Nova
Btw, I like Burmz I wanna bear ihis children
2002-09-08 08:54:36 – netheus
mmmmm…… I hope that was supposed to be an image….. I don’t wanna go to work…. I wanna sit at home and read!! Damnit. Maybe I can appeal to my boss’s reading nature…. and they will let me sit at work and read…. hmmm…..