HAHAHA and newsy-news

[b]Q:[/b] What do you get if you throw an epileptic into a lettuce patch? [b]A:[/b] A seizure salad! … and if he’s holding a gallon of milk you can have a milk shake with it! LOL soOoo, other than that not much is happening. Tuesday was busy moving stuff, and work has been pretty busy which is nice. But yea, very little happening. yup. that’s it.

2002-07-31 20:56:44 – The Disco X
Moving stuff?
2002-07-31 22:00:05 – Burnz
I was moving and he was helping a brother out. w3rd is bond.
2002-08-01 11:16:12 – rand0m
Zoobie zabba!
2002-08-01 12:02:38 – Girlie
you’re really getting desperate, arent you, randal? yah…. it shows 🙂
2002-08-01 19:20:04 – The Disco X
Tiny posts are only acceptable when there is a multitude of them. We let you get away with posting once every two weeks because they were long.
2002-08-01 20:10:34 – rand0m
Oh. Thanks for letting me in on that.