Heads Up

Okay, here are the headsups for now. Have a T-1 into the house, which is pretty shweet, and we’re mostly moved in. Good times. However, we are desperately in need of a POS computer to run a single website and a webcam … if you know of some place that has a < $80 machine of more than 233mhz, with maybe some ram and a HD, we’d be extremely appreciative.

**** Party Alert ****
Party here at the new house (423 N. Weber) on Friday night, gearing up around 9pm. We have some problems though — kegs aren’t cheap and we’d like to get one cuz we’re hoping a pretty good amount of people will come. Second problem is that we have no hard liquor! So, if you’d like to donate either A) Money or B) Liquor, please please please please let me know! Everybody is invited to come to this, no matter if I hate you, if I screwed you, or if you just suck. Doesn’t matter. Come have a good time, drink, party, all that good stuff. And while you’re at it, bring your friends. All of them. Thanks!

2002-06-05 19:02:44 – Disco X
Can I bring Dave and Elaine? I’ll donate a couple of trays of Jello shots.
2002-06-05 19:41:51 – Disco X
Sticks, gimme a call 622 9350, I lost your number.
2002-06-05 21:14:56 – Disco X
Ack, nevermind, we just realized we are too drunk to drive. See ya on friday 🙂
2002-06-06 11:29:16 – netheus
hey I will look into a cheapo computer for ya… and James-y boy just had the smarts to put his number up on the internet…..MoohahaahhahahahahahhahahahA!!!!!!!!!!
2002-06-06 12:27:46 – Disco X
I’m not worried about solicitors, I’ve got that blocking thingie. I’m not worried about psychos, I have 2 black belts and several guns. Why shouldn’t I put my number up again?
2002-06-06 12:43:39 – Siaokh
I’d go… but i’m a few 800 miles away… Maybe next time. But i dont doubt it’ll be a hoppin party. Punch. -Tim
2002-06-06 13:01:09 – Netheus
I vote we all IM bomb Bryce (Cracker, poor yt boy…) until he says he’ll come.
2002-06-06 20:02:44 – tsr
Well it’s official, definitely going to defCon and so it matt k. I’m gonna try to carpool so in the next week getting people together to go to vegas for the August 2-3-4th weekend. If it’s just me driving out, i’m gonna take a plane instead. Anyone else interested in going?
2002-06-07 00:11:08 – Siaokh
2002-06-07 00:16:37 – Disco X
Drop Kick
2002-06-07 21:33:54 – Siaokh
C’MON we need party updates for us lamers who can not be there physically… Turn the webcam on…. for those of us at the party in spirit. -Tim *punch*
2002-06-07 23:11:48 – Netheus
Randal said he was going to turn it on right before I left…. pretty rockin party goin down though!!
2002-06-08 02:04:04 – red5
hey buddy…if you host the GZ server for us you could also use it for the website and webcam…. let me know
2002-06-08 02:05:29 – red5
ps…CU found out that we were hosting it and were gonna kick aleks outa the dorm if he didnt shut it. thats why.
2002-06-08 09:54:33 – tony
2002-06-08 10:02:12 – Disco X
T and Randall throw a great party. And they both got laid, which is even more surprising.