obligatory post

I really don’t have a ton to say. I moved. woo. The new house is pretty nice, and it’s been nonstop people over [except last night] … sure is great to have lots of people over, but it gets pretty tiring pretty quickly. Even for me. People have been donating tons and tons of stuff to the house, which rocks, but we’re still in need of two huge bookcases. Probably going to spend time tonight setting up the surround sound and moving stuff around. And unpacking. Finally. I’m thinking I’ll start working out again. Because I’m fat. And fat sucks. It seems to be a recurring theme recently — people doing things and associating with people that aren’t really good for them. I am excluding Burnz & whatshername on this one, because that one is [happily for me] nice and covered up. I’m talking to you, yes you. You know who you are. Stop doing things and hanging out with people that only bring you down. What’s the point of spending time doing something that only breeds unhappy feelings and uncomfortable situations? Sheesh. I need money. I’ve spent loads and loads of money in the past couple weeks, and I’m seriously considering getting a 2nd job (for the summer) or doing something that will rake in more cash. If you have any ideas on work or independent ventures, please, please, please comment below or e-mail me. Cooking with beer — the best thing a bachelor can do. Made some beer-bratwurst the other day, and holy shit they were good. Made myself a really, really nice breakfast today … Scrambled eggs w/ cheese & salsa mixed in, a scrumptious beer-brat, toast with jelly and a big cup of hot coffee. Sure, it took almost half an hour to make, but it was so worth it to start off the day right. I’m thinking I’ll do some sort of pasta tonight … I don’t think we have any parmesan or chicken breast though, so it’ll be straight up carbs & sauce. hmm. [rethinking that idea]. Update – 4:32p – I was wrong, I do have stuff to say 😉 Another thing … more people should comment! I see that tons of people hit the site, but only a couple comment. So comment! And use a name of some sort, not single characters like “.” *ahem*. And another thing. My work computer died. I think the mobo toasted, not entirely sure — I’m getting an older box from Bob so I can find out what I can salvage and what I can’t. Oh, and Angelo came by and dropped off some speakers for the house, which rocks. Please continue ignoring the whole post above and proceed right to that little blue link below. KaZaA Lite is the shit … downloaded over 100 mp3s today — rock!

2002-05-29 21:25:24 – Master Ha-reed
McKinzey White Bookshop is going out of business – and therefore selling bookcases – might be helpful to stop there, but they’re going really quick
2002-05-29 22:13:23 – Disco X
Win MX > KaZaA Multi point downloading, no spyware.
2002-05-29 23:06:24 – brut
So, I’m commenting! I don’t really understand the whole hanging out with someone who is bad for you. I just found out that my cousin is dating a guy who puts her down all the time and basically abuses her verbally. I don’t understand why she puts up with him. I mean it’s completely up to her… she’s not in any physical or immediate danger. He’s just a jack ass! Hey… does anyone know the exact dates of the cheesecake exchange? And who to contact if I’d want to stay down there?
2002-05-30 01:37:09 – rand0m
nah, Kazaa Lite works really well — no spyware of any sort, and it does the swarm-downloading too … got up to 250+ KBps today due to downloading from like 5 people at once. And that situation sounds fucked up. Damn, people suck.
2002-05-30 01:40:46 – Burnz
No one stays with a person that is a prick all the time. As someone who can be the asshole, and was on the recieving end: There is good. At the end of the day you weigh it, and whether you abuse them or they abuse you. That is why you stay. Bad things come with bright bows and chocolate coating…..and good things are occassionally lurking in a swamp. Now who’s metaphors suck big ass? Still true, minus the gay shit. And for new posters, I would like an introduction. Something breif….really breif because this place can be a real nest of vipers sometimes. Better to not give us too much. Just curious who I am talking at.
2002-05-30 13:39:42 – Girlie
I do believe that sometimes people do not realize what is bad for them until looking back on it. intro- Im Laura… that one chick with the red hair. If you dont know me *shrug* oh well.
2002-05-30 15:19:12 – realbighead
but then you run into assholes like me, who run around telling people when they’re doing stupid shit. And since there’s very little subtlety to the statement "you’re being stupid, ass", there must be some motivation for it that isn’t just lack of awareness. My theory is that everyone secretly wants to be an unstable psychopath. That’s actually my catch-all theory for and kind of human behavior, but it works here just as well.
2002-05-30 15:20:06 – realbighead
but then you run into assholes like me, who run around telling people when they’re doing stupid shit. And since there’s very little subtlety to the statement "you’re being stupid, ass", there must be some motivation for it that isn’t just lack of awareness. My theory is that everyone secretly wants to be an unstable psychopath. That’s actually my catch-all theory for and kind of human behavior, but it works here just as well.
2002-05-30 15:21:07 – realbighead
anyone wanna explain why my computer has gone retarded?
2002-05-30 15:22:34 – Disco X
OHST Error? Sorry old Army Signal joke. Operator Headspace and Timing Error
2002-05-30 16:35:48 – Disco X
I’ll have to try it Randall. Does it do Movies as well?
2002-05-30 19:57:18 – rand0m
I’m with Tore on this one … Even though the fucked-up-ness has been highlighted, evaluated and explained directly with the people in question, it still persists. Quite irritating to see someone screw themselves. I think the ‘unstable psychopath’ thing may be a little extreme, but it sure makes sense. Sadly. And yea, Kazaa Lite does everything — software, mp3s, pics, videos, the whole shebang … I waste a good 3 hours a day just downloading stuff.
2002-05-30 21:50:03 – brut
Ok… so, "unstable psycopath". Sure, lots of people are that way, but why? Maybe attention. Everyone is searching for attention, to be heard or seen or noticed. My cousin knows that he’s a jackass and she knows that she never wants to marry him, but she’ll put up with his shit for now. And there is no real reason for this other than, "there is no one else to date…" -I asked- I agree that everything bad comes with good, but there are plenty of people out there… plenty that have greater good sides than bad, so why waste your time with the evils? Introduction: college-bound female
2002-05-30 22:25:35 – b3tti3
Ok, so I’m putting a name. Happy? And you are NOT fat, if you are, so am I. As for the cheesecake exchange, housematt says its off, ’cause nobody wants to go. I told him if he didn’t want to have it there, we could have it at my house. Only one problem with that… no dance floor. Just lemme know what you all want to do. e-mail me.
2002-05-31 00:40:47 – Girlie
Perhaps the possibility exists that although these people realize the stupidity of the situation, they cant let the situation go. Sometimes people just want what they want, and whether or not their better judgement/friends/both tell them its a bad move some part of them still wants whatever it is to work out.
2002-05-31 01:50:04 – Disco X
Beautiful shot of you going down on that soda bottle in the webcam randall. You’re hired.
2002-05-31 12:13:33 – T-Bar and the Love Stain
Mini Post and Comment: First, everyone should own a punching bag. Punching the bag allows me to be an unstable psycho for about 20 minutes. And bare knuckles is my preference. I think people constantly saying, i’m gonna killl myself, should go ahead and fucking do it. It’s like those assholes that said if Bush got elected, they would leave the country. Well, get the fuck out of my country dingleberries! From what I can recall from last night, I think some tight shizzit is going down sometime this weekend at a location to be determined, sponsored by an unnamed foo. Details later.
2002-05-31 13:57:58 – red5
randal, whats the difference between kazaalite and regular kazaa?
2002-05-31 14:11:29 – rand0m
KaZaA Lite doesn’t have any spyware, usage tracking or cpu-using things on it … it’s "clean"
2002-06-01 19:36:04 – Disco Nova
Anyone doing anything tonight? All my friends went to denver and I have no desire to go with them seeing as I’ve been partying in boulder all day and night Friday.
2002-06-02 13:06:21 – Burnz
What is "stupid" is entirely subjective. While you lovely folks are all too ready to reach for the "you’re being stupid, ass" comment. You typically are going off half-cocked without knowing the whole situation. Because you don’t actually want to learn, you just like saying "you’re being stupid, ass". That is just my experience, and why it is a rarity that I take your advice. Something to consider.
2002-06-02 13:35:58 – rand0m
"You’re being stupid, ass" is a simple way to avoid going into the ugly details of fucked up situations. Everything else is pretty true, though. My side is that I’d rather not know the whole deal simply because 1) It’s usually not my business and 2) knowing the whole deal almost invariably puts me in the middle and 3) knowing everything is generally quite depressing in that (a) that particular situation is particularly damaging to multiple parties which isn’t exactly an upper or (b) it gets me down simply because what I know of and see is waaaay better than what I have. Shooting off half-cocked is something that I do a lot. I’d like to think that although it may not be the best tactic, my opinions are often insightful and generally not wildly incorrect. But as we all know, I’m Randal: my opinion means very little and the number of people who actually listen to it, much less contemplate it, is even fewer. However, I have found that although no one openly agrees with what I say, or agrees 100% for that matter, deep down, a lot of people see little fault in my thinking. $.02
2002-06-02 18:13:35 – realbighead
I, on the other hand, am always right.
2002-06-02 18:20:33 – Disco X
Exciting night last night. I overclocked my computer, added two more fans, painted it black, and replaced one whole side of the case with plexiglass. All I need now is some neon tubing and I will be a total geek.
2002-06-02 18:28:43 – Siaokh
I’m quite confused, but Punch anyways. And T-Dawg… Driving range is quite fun too… Smacking the hell out of a golfball is quite a bit of stress relief. -Tim
2002-06-02 18:31:15 – Burnz
That is so fly nova. I, on the other hand, put some neon lights along the bottom of my car, got a VTec badge, the 85 dollar muffler with pointless bridged exhaust, gold trim. All I need is the spoiler and I will be a total geek. And I will tell you, admitting that you comment on a situation judgementally while you don’t have all the facts seems kinda…..stupid, ass. And Tore, I think you just know and so no further will I bruise your fragile ego. I am done with this post.
2002-06-02 18:37:46 – Disco X
Well, I know nothing about cars, so I won’t even touch mine. My roommate even changes my oil for me.
2002-06-03 08:27:11 – Sister
Hey, Rand are you headed into SLC in October? Also that ‘great’ photo looks more like your lighting up a makeshift bowl. (what a great workplace!) Shame you don’t do it more often. M
2002-06-03 11:13:55 – Disco X
Okay Randall, after overclocking the heck out of it, I’ve decided I want a new video card. Whats the best one for under 200$?
2002-06-03 12:17:19 – rand0m
umm … Nvidia something or other? I don’t know, I haven’t bought non-server hardware in almost a year.
2002-06-03 15:32:20 – Siaokh
Avon… it all depends on if you want Pretty pictures, or Fast pictures…. For pretty ones, go with the ATI Raedon 8500 something or other (john carmack likes those) For fast… Go with Nvidia. Voila, problem solved, and there wasnt even a punch involved… Damn… i spoke too soon. -Tim
2002-06-03 16:07:23 – Master Ha-reed
If you want driver support that doesnt suck, go with NVIDIA The GeForce 4 Ti is the best chipset out – but its hella expensive – so I dont think youll find it under $200 Best bet is a card w/ the GeForce 3 Ti – dont buy the GeForce 4 MX as it is essentially a souped up two-generation old chip
2002-06-03 16:30:22 – realbighead
I’ve heard good things about the LSD and MDMA "chipsets", but you’ll only get maybe a week’s worth of "graphics" for $200, and that’s if you’re lucky.
2002-06-03 21:15:51 – T-o-n-y
Yeah, and I hear getting the drivers for those ones are hard to find. You may be able to find them down on south nevada.
2002-06-03 22:59:00 – Master Ha-reed
Although this might cost you more than $200, there are also some other things you can find on South Nevada, such as crazy lunatics who will gladly bitchsmack people when they get annoying.
2002-06-03 23:40:30 – realbighead
and whores. don’t forget the whores.
2002-06-04 13:37:02 – Disco X
Why do I get the impression that we aren’t talking about computers anymore?