hrmm … cinco de mayo

Hey, it’s May 5th, and there is supposed to be lots of partying happening. I don’t see any, though, so I don’t think I’m in the right place. Hrmm … Ideas? In other news, I was talking to Tore and he enlightened me to a startling revelation. It is basically this … being bitter about past relationships is a sign that someone still cares too much — instead of being able to chalk it up to experience and laugh at it, it still bugs them just enough to let it get under their skin and provoke bitterness. Similarly [as said in the previous comments], I don’t fault people for being assholes. That’s the way they’re built. I *do* fault people for pursuing things that are bad for them, but that’s their deal. And, if I’m going to be mad at something because I have no girlfriend, the only real place I can point a finger at is me. And you know, I’m too good to rag on myself, so there’s not much finger pointing here. And that’s that. Another thing hit me while talking to the fountain of knowledge known as Tore: Sometimes people just want to say things. Sometimes a person you know just wants to sit down and unload simply to do so. With no alterior motive about using anyone or trying to get a response or anything — sometimes people want to talk about things just to say them, to quantify them verbally, and a lot of the time, they don’t need real response: just act like you’re listening and they’ll be happy. And last but certainly not least, do not go shopping if you have ass on your mind. Went out with housematt the other night to buy some food, and then, because I was/am extremely horny and thinking about getting some, I completely spaced out 40% of our shopping list. So, never shop with ass on your mind, because you’ll undoubtedly miss a lot. Update – 9:25p – Man, some crazy ass hoo-haa happening in Acacia park for cinco de mayo … it was pretty cool.Lots of hot chicks wearing not much. Went by a CC party last night while walking around, but didn’t go in because it was in the process of getting broken up by CSPD. So … not too much real partying happening, but enough interesting things to be okay. Update – 10:12p – I went clothes shopping today. No ladies, don’t gear up your fashion bludgeons yet, I only bought pants. Got them from Old Navy, cuz they’re cheap and heavy duty: 1 pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, and another pair of cargos. I need to buy some new shoes sometime, too. Oh, and I got a haircut. It’s down to maybe 1/8″ all over. Really short, kinda nice. It’ll be on the webcam tomorrow. Update – 1:36a – SGC2C Funny! SpaceGhost – You’re the man! Schooly D – No, you’re the man! SpaceGhost – You’re the man! Zorak – I’m the man! SpaceGhost – No, you’re the mantis! Update – 4:07p, 05/06/02 – I fixed the search page so that it actually searches the site. Go there and abuse it like I know you jackals will.

2002-05-05 22:10:21 – rand0m
Because I know that none of you fucks even bother reading the newspost, and if you do, I know you don’t care, I’m going to start us off by saying that I felt afraid at Cinco De Mayo day because I am white. Yup, felt awful honkey-tonk-ish there. I would bet that minorities feel the same way when surrounded by loads of crackas. hrmm.
2002-05-05 22:17:40 – pinky
i don’t see any reason to be afraid…although, i have frequently discussed the fact that white people are afraid in the presence of non-white people, and i would offer up a reason, but i know you’ll disagree because of misconceptions about yourself and whatever the fuck else…wooo! yay for conco de mayo and a lack of coronas 🙁
2002-05-06 01:36:04 – keener2u
yeah no corona over here and they don’t sell beer at our 7eleven because it is a school zone….
2002-05-06 12:53:38 – rand0m
How’s that for whackass? They don’t sell any alcohol at our local 7-11. That just makes me sad. [sniffle] And apparently Corey is a woman, or so says housemate-Shawn. hrmmmm …
2002-05-06 19:49:42 – Siaokh
1) Punch. 2) How has housematt confirmed this… or did he just say, "Yeah, corey is a girl". 3) It’s only going to get worse randal…. The girls are going to start wearing less and less… and keep treating you the same way. -Tim
2002-05-06 22:50:56 – t
Speaking of fountains of knowledge, I came over to randal’s house one time when it was very quiet on a weekend afternoon. The door was open and so I come in, but there is this strange noise coming from the kitchen fresembling the sound of pigs at the trough in a hungry frenzy. Upon entering the kitchen, what did my eyes see, but Randal fornication, with a lime and carrot… Since, then, I get horny every time I pass the produce aisle in Safeway.
2002-05-06 23:03:09 – realbighead
pardon the question, but tony, where the fuck did you pick up this obsession with fruit-and-vegetable sex? particularly when it involves other people? honestly, half this random crap you unload left and right must be some weird twisted form of self-expression or something, because I cannot see how your obsession with gourds and tubers connects to any of the numerous topics that we discuss, such as [women/people/craig] sucking, or… well, that’s it really, but still. Try to exhibit a little self control.
2002-05-07 02:31:28 – Burnz
Wait, you don’t have sexual thoughts about produce? Where the hell did you grow up? Someone hurt you man. You’re all messed up inside.
2002-05-07 08:04:35 – Girlie
right….somehow i can feel this site corrupting my innocent little mind.
2002-05-07 16:12:09 – pinky
hey, skinhead randal….will you please get 3 star wars tickets? argh…
2002-05-07 16:49:54 – Disco Nova
Randall, why am I getting spam email about listing "my" site "" on a search engine?
2002-05-07 17:12:10 – rand0m
what? maybe if you make more sense than a limping hyena I could help 😉
2002-05-07 17:27:31 – pinky
the reason you are getting spam, james, is because your site "" just doesn’t cut it.
2002-05-08 00:38:21 – Reverend
Randy, Corey is a chick.. I heard her talking and she definetly sounded female.. also.. i think she may have gone to palmer
2002-05-08 01:38:34 – realbighead
mike lee’s alive?
2002-05-08 01:43:35 – Reverend
yup… you still a giant hippie? :p