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Okay, so I had to take a class for my traffic mix-ups from a while back, so I drove down to Pueblo on saturday morning [after a good drunk] and met up with 5 other people at the State Patrol office down there. The class was actually okay, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Met some Monument high school seniors who thought that I, Mr. 19 year old college man, was the cat’s pajamas. Also met a guy named Paul from Santa Fe who had some hella-fine pot with him. He’s going to St. John’s in the fall [w0o] and … anyway, ended up over at his place, took a couple slugs of vodka, chilled, then came back home. Oh, got my bike, found out that the front sprocket is fucked. Just might buy a new one. And on to Sunday. Didn’t really do a whole lot today, besides wake up early and start doing laundry. And then went upstairs to get some water, and I had to wash a fucking glass to get it. I was so pissed that I decided to clean. The whole house. So I spent 6 hours and cleaned the whole place up, which is good. Must have a little chit-chat with the housemates about some pressing issues, though — actually lookin forward to hashing some stuff out. Okay, so I go to 7-11 tonight, and there’s this person who works there, who’s name is Corey. Now, Corey seems to always be working at 7-11, be it a thursday night when I’m piss drunk, or a Sunday night when I’m getting some coke. Corey is always there. Only problem, is that I can’t tell if Corey is a male or a female. I tested this out tonight, by buying the May issue of Maxim [great bathroom reading material] and exclaiming, upon purchasing it, that “holy shit, 36 extra pages of hot women! wOOOoo!” and then closely watching the reaction of Corey. Nothing. Just a blink. So that made me think either that A) Corey is a guy and has read this issue, or B) Corey is a chick. HouseMatt is saying that Corey is a male, and Joanna [enchilida making friend of ben’s] concurs. I was thinking a guy as well, but then the whole Maxim thing … I’ll test it out for sure by going in and buying a pack of jimmies and and then, when Corey says “have a nice night” when I’m leaving, I’ll turn back and while holding up my purchase, I will say quite loudly: “That’s the plan!” The reaction, be it a smile/laugh or a bitterface, will affirm Corey’s sex. I think I’ll get a camera and post some pics of Corey and see what you people think. Funny thing on the way back from 7-11, while talking to HouseMatt and Joanna … I don’t like “chicks” [barring their firm, warm bodies], but I really like women. Because women aren’t fucking crazy. Thanks Joanna for affirming my beliefs! Funny quote of the day, regarding not being able to get any from the uber-christians *cough*Joanna*cough* here in CoSprings: “I should hang out in front of an abortion clinic. Hey, at least you know they’re loose.” LOL Update – 11:57p – Got this link from Zpacekowby — Do You Drink Too Much? I got a 91%/86%, and the following awesome quote: “It is likely that your current drinking patterns are harmful or hazardous to your health and well being.

2002-04-28 23:16:25 – Siaokh
2002-04-28 23:20:02 – Burnz
How about you take drunk Burnz down there and I will ask the she/male what she/he is. Stop fucking about mate. I hate that "Punch" post. Remind me when I come back next to fuck you up.
2002-04-28 23:33:52 – Mateo
erm, just because s/he might give a bitter remark, doesn’t tell you anything about the person’s sex. I think there are a lot of straight guys out there who would be upset at such a remark from you concerning your cockiness about getting laid. Then there is the fact that the guy could be homosexual, and with all the homosexual men I know, a remark like that would get a lot of really mean remarks to follow. have you ever thought of looking for an adam’s apple? Usually that’s a telling sign…at least in my book. I guess there are other ways of doing it that don’t assify you.
2002-04-28 23:58:04 – rand0m
Mind sharing these other tactics?
2002-04-29 00:05:54 – Burnz
99% on the test. They told me some shit about helping myself. So I plan on shooting them. I will tell you when I am a problem drinker. Bitch.
2002-04-29 00:09:35 – rand0m
maybe you should sober up first 😉
2002-04-29 01:45:59 – t
I don’t drink during the week usually, but on the weekends I "drink to fall down" (lead singer of korn) Truthfully, I’ve had a bottle of 151 on my desk for the last 4 months without touching it. Tonight we were burning old computer manuals for fun and I decided it would be fun to throw some half shots full of 151 into the fireplace, kaboom, wow, ha ha, it was cool. So then we take a thick 2" manual and place in the sink, then, we flipped through every 20 pages or so and covered the page in 151 till it was saturated, until we got to the last page. Then, having my assistant carlos ready to close the fireplace quickly, I used my grilling tongs to place it into the fire. Now mind you, none of the exterior of the book had 151, and the fire was very low, mostly hot ashes. Anyway, after quickly placing the well doused book in the ashes, and Carlos closing the fireplace, we waited, and waited, and finally the ashes crept up on the edges of the book, and FUCKING KABOOM, it was awesome, not an explosion really, but more of the entire book just disintegrated. I tell you people, when the shit comes down and they need firemen for station 451, I’m down with the shit. Just as long as I get a steady supply of cheap 151 liquor.
2002-04-29 01:48:59 – red5
Solutions: -Why dont you just cop a feel? or actually…that could turn out bad -Just hang out there till s/he uses the bathrooms and see what one s/he goes in…probably the employee unisex bathroom, huh -Derive which car is hi/ers and post that…there could be some good discussions on that -Once you figure out the car deal, look in it for other clues. -Ask which s/he likes better: smirnoff ice, or killians beer (asuming they sell some of those) or if not, choose two beers in the same two categories…aka pussy fru fru ‘beer’ or actual good beer. i think that last ones the way to go. this hopefully will be some great online communitive detective work…a collaboration if you will. red
2002-04-29 03:34:55 – pinky
who the fuck cares what the fuck sex the 7-11 person is? does it really fucking matter at all in your life? are you trying to get laid by casey? uh, no. also i’m 88%/94% so i got the same quote as randal… moreso, yeah, burnz is right, whoever the fuck keeps typing "punch," fuck off.
2002-04-29 04:26:17 – Burnz
Oh, by the way. Women are fucking crazy too. Estrogen isn’t good at any age. And I am getting a whole "It’s Pat" crush on this 7-11 person. Why did God make me so sick? And some men prefer fru fru alcohol, so watch your mouth.
2002-04-29 13:56:27 – pinky
burnz, you have estrogen in you too. and, women aren’t ass crazy as you are 🙂
2002-04-29 14:04:14 – Siaokh
Fuck you Laura. Punch. Fuck you too Matt. Punch.
2002-04-29 14:35:03 – rand0m
It’s not casey, it’s Corey. And yes, it matters because it’s a serious cause of consternation at the house. Hrmm … must write speech.
2002-04-29 18:59:13 – t
English class sucks
2002-04-29 21:00:08 – rand0m
I gave a speech on Privacy Rights and National ID cards and took a Political Science final … aced the first, probably got a high C on the second. My semester’s almost over — have to take a single final online and I’m done.
2002-04-29 22:19:28 – Neth
Okay, so i have a distinguishable adam’s apple, I drive a butch ass pick-up, I like maxum (sp), and I would wish you luck on your pleasure seeking efforts….. am I a man? I need candy, I might walk down there in a bit…. I’m getting nervous….. What if I fall over at the alter? I always worry that I’m going to fall over whenever I stand up in front of people…. All of my friends are in art school…. they don’t know CPR!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
2002-04-30 00:54:30 – Burnz
Women are not fun crazy. I am one shoe, knife, arrest crazy. That is fun. That is a lifestyle choice, not a mandatory kind of batshittyness like women have. So PUNCH… I know what it feels like to be gay, bitch.
2002-04-30 01:33:29 – keener2u
It doesn’t bother anyone else that all that alcohol just went to waste in a fire:P
2002-04-30 04:42:12 – pinky
dude, is siaokh that one kid who goes to palmer? and matt was the first one to bring it up, so he should get the first fuck you…damnit all. and my guess is that 7-11 man/woman would get offended becuse there’s not exactly any smooth way to discren his/her sex, and like i said before, it seriously doesn’t matter since he/she is just taking your money for things you buy. it’s not like you’re getting married
2002-04-30 07:22:33 – rand0m
umm, Siaokh, I’m going to let you handle this one … And yea, it kinda matters, because on occasion Corey hooks me up. A free drink, some chips, other miscellaneous small stuff. It’s odd to say "thank … corey" instead of "thanks man" … as soon as I get a camera I’ll have some pics up.
2002-05-01 09:11:00 – Netheus
yeah, so do you guys remeber that first day of high school when none of us could figure out if Adam was a boy or a girl? And it turns out he was just waiting to be pussy whipped any way….