shitty day++

Okay, so I’m sitting here at 2:26pm, and it hits me that I have not said one word today. I have not uttered a single sound. And that is usually because I’m just having a crappy day. I didn’t sleep last night. I up from ineffectually laying there and downed more pills than I could count, and passed out this morning around 7:30am. A few hours later, I wake up [oh, noonish?], feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan, rolled down the street and thrown into a compactor by some big, brutishly-unkind man. My day has not progressed much since. Called in to work and said I’m not coming in … took a shower, got dressed, and am pro-actively doing nothing about the speech I am supposed to give in ~ 3 hours. Have you ever just felt like hell? It sucks. I find the word “cupboard” distinctly disturbing. It is pronounced “cubbard,” and when seen as text, makes one think of a 2″x4″ with a cup on one end. Although a cup board is really what it is, I find this word woefully inadequate for the tasks associated with a cup-bearing device. Hence, the cupboard will now be referred to as the “cupland,” insinuating that the object at hand is actually a complicated, socio-economically driven environment dedicated solely to the ideal of cup management. Thank you.

2002-04-10 16:20:43 – tony
"More pills than i could count" implies "feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan" therefore we can assume that if not "More pills than i could count" then not "feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan" or more simply: q -> r !(q) -> !(r) After cramming for and taking a discrete math test, this is the only way i can see your problem.
2002-04-10 16:25:28 – rand0m
Ahh yes, but were you cramming in a trashcan that was handily located in cupland? 😉
2002-04-10 17:05:30 – Burnz
You think that is bad? You try that spelling of Steven with the ph. Stephen. My God. That is like spelling "novel" "nophel". Madness. Mad freaking ness.
2002-04-10 19:00:49 – Siaokh
2002-04-10 21:42:47 – realbighead
this world needs more gigantic robot ninjas with lasers who turn into jets.
2002-04-10 22:07:36 – pinky
hey, it’s funny you were silent for most the day considering today is the "National Day of Silence" in which i participated in being silent from when i woke up to 5…but since you would not support the cause, i’m sure it’s merely random coincedence. I’m still in love with the boy in the basement and 12 days until the D!
2002-04-11 00:24:49 – Netheus
Have you degressed to political correctiveness?! Go read Marx, Neitzche(sp), and LeVey. Ratify your mind Randal!!! Go get Fight Club, or hell, I’ve got it on DVD, just come borrow it!!! On a stranger note, I didn’t feel quite right today either. My soon to be mother in law called me up and told me to go to the jewelry store and buy a ring to match my engagement ring. She even suggested Platinum. Then the bank sent me a letter saying that they cashed a check before it was dated, and forgot I made a deposit. I am so pleased. I think I might go seek coffee somewhere now…
2002-04-11 01:34:48 – ASSHOLE
ur fuckin DUMB
2002-04-11 01:37:54 – Teh Drunken
kick his fucking ass yu ass knocker.. NO DRUNKEN FORCE COCK POWERS YOURS FUCKING ASS CHUGGING SHIT KNOCKER… ohh yeah and we need some weeed. you know where we can get some you drug dealer???
2002-04-11 02:53:28 – captnspectacular
I dodnt know the D was comming! Shit, now i gotta get tickets…..
2002-04-11 05:27:11 – pinky
mark, if you want D tickets, like my friend have extra ones because they never graduated kindergarten and forgot how to count. they need to sell them to someone. let me know if you want one (i’m always online)
2002-04-11 05:27:31 – pinky
mark, if you want D tickets, my friends have extra ones because they never graduated kindergarten and forgot how to count. they need to sell them to someone. let me know if you want one (i’m always online)
2002-04-11 21:36:50 – captnspectacular
how much
2002-04-11 23:22:23 – netheus
okay, so I was listening to a radio show featuring Blanche Barton about Satanic Parenting…. She expounded on the value of discreet behavior concerning the development of her son, Zyrkses(sp). She said that he sometimes avoids telling people his last name in case they recognize it as his father’s. Religious prejudice sucks. Sucks bad. This hyper intelligent boy fears repression by the damn cabbages because of a faith/ philosophy started by his father. FI_I cking xians…..
2002-04-12 02:19:08 – pinky
they’re $30, mark *who rocks* and yeah, it sucks that whoever barton is too stupid to realize that his last name is common and no one even knows who his dad is…and also that not all christians are bad people, just some of them, and then again, they’re not necessarily bad people, they just forgot how to think rationally. wow, boulder has gotten to me.