And another week

So yes, my weekend in review. Umm … drank 15 shots of Red Rum last night and was completely bombed. Got into a pissing match with Burnz about … don’t really know 100%. All I know is that I’m wildly offended for some reason or another. And then had lunch with Emily & Melissa today @ Old Chicago. That was fun … then did coffee with Emily & FirstMatt and came home. And then the rest of the day has been me doing absolutely nothing. I have some sort of homework or something due to for school, but I don’t know what … hrmm. I have something else to say … umm… oh, right, SpaceGhost rocks. I’ll remember what I was going to say in a bit. Oh, another thing, Tony might be moving into the LindyCommune here … and Shawn might be moving out at the end of June to go to school in Denver. Yea, not remembering the original point of this conversation. I’ll update when I remember. Update – 10:32a – Off to my dentist appointment for my hurtin tooth. Hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg, and I’ll leave with all my teeth still in my mouth 😉 Update #2 – 12:37p – Came back from Dr. Lawrence’s office, my wallet a lot lighter and with all my teeth intact and cleaned. The gist – I have beautifully maintained teeth, and there is absolutely nothing wrong. Oh, the whole sore/pain thing? Probably bumped my face on something and my “teeth are bruised” … I didn’t know that clumps of calcium, phosphorous and other mineral salts could be bruised, but hey, I’m not a dentist. He said to call back if they still hurt in 30 days … until then, I’m investing in ibuprofen.

2002-04-08 02:59:51 – Red5
Rand"0m"al, you need to tell me the next time you will be in auroura or wherever it is your parents live so you can swing by and see my new place in denver. let me know. And are you talking about the show: spaceghost, spaceghost coast to coast, cartoon planet, or just the character of spaceghost? cause they are all cool, but cartoon planet (staring spaceghost) is the best for obvious reasons [brack] red5
2002-04-08 05:51:41 – pinky
hell yeah…brak is the shit.(props to mark) but i do believe he was referring to space ghost coast to coast in which there was a yellow monster and kittens tonight, along with a bunch of other shit that made no sense, but rocked…
2002-04-08 07:50:09 – keener2u
hmmm yellow kittens don’t remember that mmm adult swim…I have to admit that space ghost c2c rocks….but I think you are wrong about brak…brak is ok….it’s zorak that rocks…..oh yeah and all weekend long especially at the baseball game on friday Randal kept doing this wierd laser beam thing and trying to look like space ghost…it disturbed me….
2002-04-08 08:38:43 – pinky
ok, anyone who tries to intimidate spaceghost (rand"0m"al…lol) is a loser. and zorak is about the worst character ever. i wish he just wasn’t there. it’s only good when spaceghost fries him with the laser beams….and when spaceghost was talking about getting a bag of cats for moltar, and then zorak asked about them, it, for a brief moment, showed this big yellow monster with kittens running around. it fucking rocked. and [B][U]brak is definitely the best character ever to be on spaceghost[/U][/B]. anyone who disagrees sucks 🙂 and, a new episode of the brak show premieres next week and i’m SO! FUCKING! EXCITED! because it rocks how hard? SO! FUCKING! HARD! woooo!
2002-04-08 08:40:22 – pinky
and i can’t fucking underline and bold? that’s bullshit. so, randal, if you will fix that for me (if i fucked up) or just delete the U’s, that would rock.
2002-04-08 08:41:56 – pinky
shit…i wrote intimidate instead of imitate….okay, no more posting for the sleep-deprived me.
2002-04-08 08:49:01 – rand0m
I’m going to have to disagree. [B][U]Zorack[/U][/B] is the best … I mean, he goes out with Brak and drinks beer just because. And he says "Shut up" in that voice of his. And his eyes, LOL. Oh, and Red5, SpaceGhost Coast to Coast on Cartoon Network — Monday mornings at 12:30am 😉
2002-04-08 09:20:06 – keener2u
[begin sucking]I must disagree with pinky[/end sucking] so yeah Zorak totally makes the brak show. I mean you know anyone can sing "I’m a pickled beat and I’m hot for you baby" But who can sing songs of hatred in an N’sync voice and get away with it….only Zorak!
2002-04-08 13:02:43 – Siaokh
2002-04-08 19:33:56 – pinky
alright, those of you with exceptional minds: i need a "compelling and exceptional reason" to late drop a class, so, if you can think of some beleivable exaggerated personal problems involving my parents divorce, email me, or just post it here…there, do i get the random posting award again?
2002-04-09 00:56:34 – Netheus
Yeah…. I went to Wrestling on Sunday…. ahhh….. humanity at it’s best. Getting depressed, don’t know why….. oh yeah, that’s right, I’m broke!!! I wish I could go to the dentist. By the way— Ibuprofen isn’t going to help. Invest in ambesol. If not, go for tylenol, but not ibuprofen–it only eats your kidney and is an anti-inflamitory. Tylenol is a pain killer and ambesol is a mild anesthetic. If it still hurts, gimmie a phone call, I have roots and berrys and other witchy things that work. Or lick an Aspen tree (that’s where Aspirin comes from!!).
2002-04-09 02:04:20 – Burnz
In the denver coliseum Netheus? I was there! On the floor baby! Vindicate me and tell me you love Goldust. And it is about time somone put that Raven through a table. Pardon me while I exonerate the white trash hillbilly spirit that resides in the cob-webbed piston hole where my heart should be. WHAT? (for all you non-wrestling fans out there, get ready, your candy-ass is next. Don’t sing it, just bring it. What are you going to do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother?)
2002-04-09 22:31:38 – Netheus
WORD!!!!!!!! Ahh, guilty, non-intellectual, violent pleasures. Goldust is the shit. Nothing like drag queens, queers, hicks, and big titted women to get the brain relaxed!!!!!!!!