Back In Business

Not only has my life continued on without this interweb thing for a whole month, it has prospered in many ways. It has also really, really fucking sucked. My life has been great recently. I mean, it’s really, really great. I moved! I now live right downtown, a mere 6 or 7 blocks from work and school. I don’t drive very much at all anymore, even though I still have my license — thanks to a very nice District Attorney, I got off really light — in fact, driving kind of makes me feel funny 😉 The house that I live in is filled with a couple guys who are all really great. Matt, Ben & Shawn all rock … we don’t fight, we don’t sit around and bitch, nobody is an asshole. From what I can see, it’s waaay better than any of the similar ‘house-full-of-guys’ situations that I see around. Work has also exploded … tons and tons of new business makes for not much free time at work anymore; that’s quite alright, though, because I love what I do. My grandmother died on Saturday the 16th. I flew to Utah, saw the funeral, saw the whole family, the whole shebang. It really wasn’t that bad. No disrespect to my grandmother, but it was actually a pretty good time — got to see some family that I haven’t seen in a long time, and just generally got to enjoy everyone’s company: even my parents’. That’s a funky thing … I move out, and all of a sudden, my parents like me. They want to spend time with me. They want to make sure I’m doing okay. They want me to take everything they have to ensure my own success. It’s quite the change from how it’s been for the past … 19 years. It’s nice, though. Just about everything rocks — school is great, work is great, home is great, life is great. There are some things that aren’t so great, though. For instance, one of the headlights on my truck went out. And … umm … I still owe Tony some $ for the 46″ Sony TV that I bought from him [which is in the living room at the house], and he’s pretty anal when it comes to money — more so than even me 😉 Other things that suck … umm … I got shot down by a lady-friend when I tried to woo her. That wasn’t very much fun. On the other hand, things are going well with a school-female-friend [even though there’s no real potential], so I guess that balances out. I can’t complain about money, because I have enough. Oh wait, I need a cover for my futon. That’s a sucky thing. Oh, and a torch lamp, I don’t have one of those … but I can take care of those two things so they are no longer sucky. I can’t really complain about much else, because everything is going so well. On the website side of things, yes, it’s back. Very few of the links work right now, because all the pages have to be retooled to fit the new rand0m’s Content Management System [rCMS] function libraries. rCMS not only makes things waaay easier from a coding standpoint, but also allows a lot more flexibility — for example, you’ll be able to make your own color scheme for the site! The rest of the sidebar content here will be up in the next few days, and will also be completely arrangeable / selectable according to your user preferences [if you opt to create an account (not available yet)]. So that’s the whole deal. The site is back, as is the meaningless, ever-repeating crap that is posted here on a continuous basis. Enjoy 🙂

2002-03-01 17:30:03 – Your Fans
We still love you rand0m!
2002-03-01 18:58:46 – Master Ha-reed
Ahh.. thats more like it. I was tired of looking for other ways to waste my time 😉
2002-03-01 19:06:29 – Captain Spectacular
Well, I for one am very happy to see the site back up. It is by far the 1st site I goto when I am trying to procrastonate. W3rd up dooder. So Im assuming that you want that link of of the gzcs site again? Let me know. Glad its back up, b.
2002-03-03 02:58:52 – realbighead
umm… yer HTML looks all messed up on my box… comment boxes slowly start indenting, but every line of comment text after the first (for each comment) doesn’t… everything in the main section starts about 2 pages scrolled down, with lots of black above it… and I dunno how well your favorite blue goes with the gray/black thing… Oh, and I’m glad the site’s back up, even though that last few sentence fragments may make it seem otherwise… just aiding you in your quest for leet PHP.
2002-03-03 10:03:52 – rand0m
The backend code is plenty leet, but the actual HTML itself probably sucks. I tried to do it straight CSS, and it comes kinda close, but it doesn’t even come near validating at w3c. I’ll work on it some more this week and figger it out.
2002-03-03 23:12:03 – click
Why’d you delete my post and ban my ips randall? Don’t want anyone to know what you did? or why the site was really brought down? I wonder why you didn’t argue my post with me if something was incorrect…well then.. I have plenty of ips so ban on!
2002-03-04 00:37:18 – rand0m
Just to get you to shut up, I’ll reply. If Pat was so "not wrong" in doing what he did, then why did he lose his job? And right, did anyone at FrontRange ever speak to me? Nope. Did they speak to the HPI CSO? Yup. To me? Nope. As for why the site was really brought down, it’s because Pat wanted to show off — I’m surprised that the coworker he was schmoozing didn’t get fired as well. And I won’t argue with you simply because you have no ground to stand on — obviously Pat’s word isn’t as golden as we’d all like to think, considering that he *got fired* because of *evidence* … companies don’t just get rid of their good employees for no reason. btw, it’s one L.
2002-03-04 08:17:14 – click
oh ya he wanted to show off by posting to a link you gave him! that would be really cool! And there is a thing right now called a recession where comanies are just looking for people to get rid of cause then they won’t have to pay any kind of severance, who know? you don’t know for sure and either do i, but his company did have 2 major layoffs after he left, and i’ll have you know he wrote 90% of the codebase for received awards for the site and was in the product development team designing web applications for their products! he was very missed after he left, i know that. ur right he probably was in the wrong. But its ur fucking "my kitty" page and you went all corporate at him, give me a fucking break. If you would have settled it like a man to his face no problems, I imagine we all would prolly be friends still, but you go hide behind your CSO and have them call his company, thats BS.
2002-03-04 08:18:31 – docta
We still love you rand0m!
2002-03-04 08:34:17 – click
2002-03-04 15:57:52 – rand0m
Oops, I deleted tony’s comment. I feel so sheepish. Sorry :-/
2002-03-04 22:55:16 – tony
randumb, stop deleting my posts please.
2002-03-05 01:06:41 – md5 tony
woah, who is tony that calls randal randumb anyway, i’m home, it’s 110 and we are watching jet li’s the one… i’m listening to shoutcast of a drum and bass stream… i’ve still got scars from this mountain biking accident, and i want to go snowboarding soon, again, maybe in a tree trail, see how it goes… just finished a shot of tequila… my computer hasn’t crashed once this evening which is awesome… I’m looking at deals for spring break at breckinridge, probably gonna ride a few days up there… and probably catch a day at copper mountain while i’m at it… school is going good, but is boring, and i have to resist the temptation to skip class and drink beerz down at the pub… that and I have to be at work at 8am, dressed in a fucking tie and ready for work, but caffeine will probably take care of that
2002-03-05 03:37:47 – Burnz
What the hell happened to my comment? Goddamn it. IT is just this kind of shenanigans that will cause a boycott.
2002-03-05 15:24:25 – rand0m
nOoOOooo, please don’t leave! I’m sorry! So Sorry! I’ll never fuck up again! nOoo!
2002-03-06 02:12:29 – xeon
Quote: "LOL … the amount of functionality between my site and yours is night and day." I like how your site doesn’t even pass w3c. Mine LoL!!! Ohh yeah and if you were any gud programmer you would be able to create a multi-tiered websites that generate on the fly flash graphs using data gathered from another machine. And what is this rCMS? Whoa! A content manager, too bad my site has been using something similar since day one. Maybe before you go trashing other peoples work you should learn more about it. Whatever. And I ban me. I don’t need to work at an ISP to post. I use proxies. Ohh yeah quit messaging me after I block you.. that is just annoying and childish.
2002-03-06 02:16:43 – Spell Checker
Mine does* LoL!!!
2002-03-06 03:08:15 – Burnz
*gets out his Craig Bat*. Sad thing here, Xeon, is that even rand0m bitching about his mother is better content than your site could muster on it’s best day. Chew on all the straws you like, you got nothing to say that is interesting enough to warrant a whole site no matter how l33t you seem to think your web design skills are. And don’t come to a site you are talking about "banning yourself" from. It is just childish. And my site uses those little brackety things. So ha Mr. Design Guru. Suck my E-Cock…again. By the way, hows my baby?
2002-03-06 04:29:45 – Captnspectacular
Rand0m, you should make a favicon…that would show those bastards… 😐
2002-03-06 05:12:35 – rand0m
Xeon: first off, it is – your life sucks and is boring. Secondly, yes, my site *is* w3c compliant — click the little links and take a gander. rCMS is just name that I made up for the engine that runs the site – never meant to imply that it’s godlike or anything, just that it now has a name. Also, originally had a content-managing system long before your site ever became a reality. And OMG, "multi-tiered graphs from remote machines"! … would you like to throw some more buzzwords in? Maybe some "scalable" or "enterprise ready" or "interoperable" or even "n-teir collaboration." I don’t think you’ve noticed, but very few people care about you. All I have to say is that I am not surprised that such an obviously educated, "gud" computer guy like yourself would not be able to land or keep any sort of job that compensates you with a pittance that would cover rent. I mean, jesus, not being in school, not having many friends, not having any sort of activities, I figure there would be very little to spend money on besides survival. I guess your astounding skills are way too advanced for any sort of "real life" job. I sincerely hope that your weak ass enjoys moving back in with mommy and daddy in Denver.
2002-03-06 09:55:04 – realbighead
am I the only one not bashing craig right now? scratch that, craig is teh suxx0r.
2002-03-06 10:00:05 – kurty
Alright, My Kitty Website to My Kitty Website fisticuff fighting. Would you guys mind if we got an event at Acacia Park going on for this. I got $5 that the cops break up the fight, and take your asses to jail before anyone breaks a bone.
2002-03-06 12:08:25 – Xeon
Burnz: Believe what you want. Or just visit third post from the bottom. Randal: "not having many friends" – correction. Not having many friends that "like" randal. You have no idea how many people in Colorado Springs want to kick your despise your existance. You are lucky they don’t know where you live. Isn’t it great when someone sticks to their "word?" Unlike some people I know, I don’t backstab. You see, the nice thing about moving to a city where no one knows who you are, you just start out with no enemies. Its wonderful that you stup MRTG in win2k. OMG point and click. Open in notepad. You are the coolest. I know girls are lining up outside for you at this very moment while you lay tables and try to "woo them." I so wanna be like you when I grow up. You are obviously the smartest person alive and are near god-like. And if content mangament design and buzzwords are all you have going maybe it’s a good (gud for shorthand) thing you go back to college – I applause you. Maybe you should try sucking less cock and grow up. I guess that phrase "grow up" isn’t in your dictionary. On the living at home topic: You really don’t have room to talk about living with your parents, considering I have been living on my own now for almost a year and a half – Newbie. Did I mention that I still have my drivers license? I am done with this cock fight. Oh no I think I just got banned from this website *shocked*. Ohh wait I am already banned.
2002-03-06 12:26:09 – Burnz
Xeon = Pathetic. Can we talk about something else now? Like kitty-cats. Or perhaps a heated discussion on the finer points of something interesting….like me.
2002-03-06 17:01:34 – kurty
2002-03-06 17:37:31 – Burnz
Just my own, kurty. And that was because you kept doing it wrong. While it was nice of you to pay for the experience, I need to get off. Consider this me dumping you. But for the sake of your next lover: Make an appointment with the dermatologist.
2002-03-06 21:11:35 – realbighead
wow, this is turning into the old IBu mailing list, except craig sucks more than anyone on that list did. Even the weird french guy who just randomly posted.
2002-03-07 13:26:19 – kurty
Dude, ASS means DONKEY, man you’re dumb.
2002-03-07 14:13:19 – realbighead
man, haven’t seen anyone misinterpret those two for the sake of humor since 3rd grade. congrats kurty, you’re giving everyone flashbacks.
2002-03-07 15:37:01 – Burnz
I know, I have a huge donkey cock. So you still manage to stay inferior to me. Thumbs up though, dipshit.
2002-03-07 16:37:14 – rand0m
LOL — you guys are hilarious 😀