day before the day

So I’m going to Utah tomorrow morning, and I am dreading it. I spoke to my father, and he is too. You know, I really like my dad. But yea, my sister is going to be there, and I “get to see family” … like it’s some sort of blessed occurence. Fuck that. Family is great for like 3 minutes at a time, 3 times a year, no more.

Okay, so not much else is going on. I spent some time at the perk taking care of stuff last night that needed to be done before I left … umm, oh yea! My fucking laptop battery isn’t going to be here in time for the goddamn motherfucking trip. I called those bitches up and I’m like “where the hell is my battery!?” and they gave me this whole “they were damaged in shipment to us – it will leave for you this afternoon, and get there wednesday”. I’m thinking that’s not gonna fucking cut it. So I told those bitches to give me free shipping, so they did. And they’re sending it to my granmother’s house in Utah. There is no way in hell I’m going there without a laptop. None. So HA! Yet another triumph over The Man. Although I wouldn’t mind being The Man, it sure is nice to kick his ass occasionally. And *don’t* get me started on leg shaving.

Update: I spent the evening with Tore … it is very comforting to know that kickass people still exist. Even though we’ve both changed a bit, he’s still great to hang out with. I’m packing to head off to UT in 3 hours … the dread is physically painful. Oh, and I realized, just now, that when you trim something down, it is not “paired”, but “pared”. Dammit … Oh, btw, I’ll be on AIM and available via e-mail most definitely while I’m gone – nick “rand0m” and … I’ll see what I can do about posting the inane things that happen while I’m there – I’ll be back on the 27th. bye!

2001-12-17 15:40:46 – tony
my recommendation, find some hiking trails and check out of grandma’s house for a good lot of the time
2001-12-17 23:46:00 – realbighead
my recommendation: find a pair of good, sound-insulating headphones and tell your family you’re meditating to mormon spirituals. Play some NIN for full effect, and watch the vidoes if possible (one glimpse of the Perfect Drug video and they won’t ever bother you again).
2001-12-18 00:12:30 – rand0m
Roger that — got my nice, hi-fi headphones right here ready to go. Yup, the ones that made me realize MP3 is not high quality … and I can’t hear a thing when I have them on. 😀
2001-12-18 03:24:15 – Burnz
my recommendation: find midgets and juggle them. This will do nothing for your current situation, but tell me about it. Juggling midgets, I am laughing right now.
2001-12-18 11:42:40 – realbighead
I am too, matt. I am too.