memory lane

I’ve been on a weird tangent recently, trying to dig up all the old stuff that used to be my webpage. Well, here is one of the original layouts: I think it looks pretty sharp. Reading through the source code makes my heart bleed [partially because of all the <-- comments --> ] … I was talking to Matt about it, and it boiled down to this:

TheFascistRag: you know, no offence, but your subject matter doesn’t variate a helluva lot
rand0m:: yea, i know.
rand0m:: girls
rand0m:: shitty life
rand0m:: truck
rand0m:: job
TheFascistRag: family
rand0m:: oh yea, shitty family in there too
TheFascistRag: you being “evil” “devil incarnate”
TheFascistRag: just funny that you could have cut a couple of these posts and they would have almost matched some from a couple of weeks ago
TheFascistRag: you are stagnating!!
rand0m:: HAAHAHHAA
TheFascistRag: your life is going nowhere!!
TheFascistRag: you are evil!!

Pretty scary that he’s right … I haven’t really gone anywhere, or changed much. I’m still me … yup, I went through my phases, but deep down, I’m still me. I would hope that’s a good thing 🙂 The not-so-hot part is the fact that I am in a rut. That’s pretty disappointing, to be honest. I hope things change soon. Wait. I mean, I hope things change for the better, soon.

On another note, there is a version of my website that is previous to the one that it linked above. I completely forgot what it looks like, so if you could oblige with a sample drawing or something, it’ll help. I just might start pulling things off of tape here @ hpi to see if we maybe have it, but I’m doubting it. That basically means that all the news posts and everything prior to 06/21/2000 are toasty. Yes, sad news indeed. However, if you want to reminisce about high school bullshit again, try out this: 10/11/99 IBu Topica List. Craziness.