man, people are whack

Okay, so I have recieved the definite impression that people would rather be directly insulted instead of having their downfalls generalized. See, that got me to thinking — why the hell do people want to hear about how much they suck? Do they like it? I know that for me, hearing how much I suck usually turns me into a “I hate you and I’m not listening” glass-eyed zombie. But, as of late [oh, what? the past year?], hearing people rag on me just gives me some fodder for potential self-improvement. sOooOOoo, from now on, I will try not to insult anyone generally. Only personal attacks. However, I will continue to not post personal things about myself or other people. This will be quite the task. Wish me luck. What, you’re going to tell me now that I suck because i need luck? Fuck you.

[potentially dangerous personal divulgence here]. w0o!

You know what I hate? Goddamn board members. Two business sharks have bought out like 80% of High Plains Internet stocks … hence, they basically control everything, but run nothing. That’s their thing, though — they put 3 new people on the board who will supposedly be interfacing the board with the grunts [who is just me] … basically some administration folks. Well, I’ll tell you what. This guy, who is supposedly some networking ph0ol, comes in yesterday and starts telling me how we need to change our whole network around, because it’s not efficient. I asked him how it’s not efficient, and if there are any glaring defficiencies in our current design … [silence] … well, it turns out that he knows bob and larry well, and convinced them that his electrical wiring skills also constitute network and systems administration. I fucking hate that. People all up in other people’s business, right where they don’t belong. How about I keep doing the same damn job I’ve been doing forever and you leave me the fuck alone until there’s a problem, ok? w3rd.

Other than that, mad props to all the loyal readers out there who came out of the woodwork when the ferocity started to finally flow again. rockthehizouse!

Update: I’m looking for someone to re-do the top blue-banner part. Look at the source and e-mail me your ideas!

2001-10-25 05:18:39 – Laura
Randal, your take on femininity (Rand0m notes, top left corner), or whatever it is, sucks big fat ass. Maybe you should step out of the darkness. and yes, i know it’s going to make all of you bitch. so, maybe all of you should get the fuck out of the dark! WOO!
2001-10-25 07:23:30 – Burnz
I don’t know. While I can totally appreciate the need for women to compete with men in many workplaces, and often discard their feminine wiles in doing so, thus making them more like their male counterparts for the sake of winning. I can also say that when they do so they lost a lot of what I personally find attractive about them. I don’t date men partially because I am not attracted to them physically, but also I have not found many with attributes that I desire in a romantic partner. I could list them here, but I say women are naturally free to do whatever the hell the want with their lives, I would rather be alone than settle for some of the disturbingly masculine features in the lives of those females I have seen do what it is rand0m is talking about. Yes, I am a chauvenist. Not the biggest one. I am not about women being on their back all day or "in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant" but if I ever make a crack like this: "I would be worried about whipping my dick out and having her go ‘that is nothing’ and then exposing her gigantic member" about some woman, it means that while she might be my first choice for a baseball shortstop or drinking buddy/ tag-team fisticuffs partner I wouldn’t date her if she had a goddamn dowry. And I think that it rolls both ways a lot of times. We seek that which we are not. A girl I work with, Kara, and I were talking about a subject like this. She doesn’t want a guy’s guy. She said the fella that has her eye is nice, and sweet, and quiet. Kara’s great, and hits as hard as I do, and has 0 interest in me as I have 0 in her. I don’t know if this is universal or not but….It isn’t in the dark to think that way, it is caring about someone for who they are and when who they are is synonymous with feminine then….
2001-10-25 08:03:23 – The Disco Nova
*obligatory shudder at the tought of men as romantic partners* WOmen who like to compete are good. If only because most forms of competition make women produce testosterone, which leads to them getting horny, which leads to me getting sex. If you wanna get laid, find some excuse to start wrestling with a woman, they love it, and it gets them horny.
2001-10-25 16:36:36 – Judge Hatchett
Boy u all say some damned stupid shit.
2001-10-25 16:50:26 – The Disco Nova
Us, meet Stupid Dipshit Redneck (SDR for short) SDR meet us. Now go away, and play with that newfangled internet thingy somewhere else now ya’hear?
2001-10-25 17:07:15 – rand0m
… [thinks about implementing logins] …
2001-10-25 18:39:47 – tony
… [thinks about graduating, getting a good job, and jumping off a bridge] …
2001-10-25 18:46:22 – realbighead
I agree with that third proposition, as long as there are some really sharp rocks under the bridge to cushion your fall. The other two I’m ambivalent towards, as long as they don’t delay Option Number 3.
2001-10-25 19:18:08 – rand0m
HAhAHAhAhahaaha …. a little spite here?
2001-10-25 20:19:28 – tony
Tony cries… and listens to, Pet Shop Boys-What have I done to deserve this. sniff, sniff, and I always thought I was friends with tore, sniff, sniff, I mean, he has all these exceptional qualities you would look for in a friend, sniff, sniff, right?, sniff, sniff, like, hairy palms, squinty eyes, wrist strain….
2001-10-25 22:58:42 – rand0m
bah, such pettiness is unbecoming for both of you.
2001-10-25 23:17:42 – realbighead
That comment wasn’t meant to be spiteful or petty; it was more mocking of a stupid angsty comment designed to draw attention to oneself, something along the lines of "yes, tony, only trent knows how you feel". Except more bitter. Kinda like handing a straight razor to someone trying to slash their wrists with a safety Bic. Know what I mean?
2001-10-26 00:21:38 – alter-bastard
No, I don’t know what you mean, you altruistic fuckhead. I seriously think that your obviously inexperienced comments about angst and depression are signs that you are a feeble minded assclown. You should take your psuedo-dislike and blatantly psychotic ideals and fundamentalistic ideals and ram them up your ass, along with your head. btw, why do you block me on aim?
2001-10-26 00:40:12 – The Disco Nova
I’m so happy. Why can’t everyone be happy like me?
2001-10-26 00:53:07 – rand0m
Because, Disco, unlike you, we’re not drunk. [yet] 😉
2001-10-26 05:36:28 – Laura
Tore and Tony just need to figurre out what’s going on…jesus, it’s petty. Also, Randal, I’ll agree that women shouldn’t have to compromise their feminity to become equal (basically trying to become male, the societal norm), we should just be equal. And, women would probably be in a much better place if men weren’t there to drool on them. Less objectified, etc. And, yes, our breasts are nice, that’s why they’re ours, and not yours, you bastards.
2001-10-26 05:43:45 – Burnz
I have nothing to say on this matter. Judge Hatchett, go off and try to genetically undo the inbreeding. This was just to let everyone know that I am bored…amuse me with your banter. (waves hand dismissivly….how do you spell that? dismissively? dizmizziffically mah nigga?) And tore, play nice, we all know that negative attention is what he craves, just ignore him. Look at my Jung ass. And you are in love with your father, or have an innate fear of $1 dollar billz because of the sexual attraction you cannot deny to your house plant. This conversation sucks, no offense to the contributors, it is the topic. You did all you could. Shut up me.
2001-10-26 09:10:18 – realbighead
I prefer to think of myself more as a misanthropic fuckhead, thank you very much. and I block you cuz otherwise I have to listen to boring overblown monologue involving such fantastic word usage as "fundamentalistic". And I have yet to see how it’s petty; if anyone came onto the boards saying stupid shit like that, I’d attack them and call them pussy just as often; it’s just that Tony’s more likely than others to say stupid shit.
2001-10-26 13:50:44 – tony
Until I stop disassociating with the likes of tore, even in the bowels of such a anarchistic (sic), it is evident through past discussions, that pettiness is the obviated choice of language; furthermore, it is quite enjoyable to engage in this bullshit, like squeezing a rubber ball; so until I tire of kicking the ball, or find myself moving to Oregon, there is no need to "cut it out". It really is so much better to use semicolons than periods, don’t you think!
2001-10-26 17:07:24 – rand0m
I’m thinking about going to Oregon. In fact, something along those lines is planned for spring break 🙂 w0o! /me plans to buy a mustang soon. w0o again!
2001-10-26 19:06:11 – realbighead
/me thinks road trip to seattle is better idea, due to a) free housing, b) free food, and c) fewer hicks
2001-10-26 19:08:15 – rand0m
free housing and free food? wtf are you talking about?
2001-10-26 20:44:22 – Siaokh
Attention’ers … We have recieved multiple complaints about the unconstitued bitching eminitating from this wesbsite. Further complaints will cause a revocation of posting rights, and further tauntings by the geekpad residents. Keep the bitching down to a minimum, and no one will get hurt. -Tim
2001-10-27 00:09:00 – realbighead
oh no, not the geekpad residents, please not the geekpad residents. and by free shit, I mean that the lead singer’s rich parents live in Seattle, and the lead singer, as a result, has a well-stocked basement for general use by, say, us. So there.
2001-10-27 04:50:05 – Laura
To go off the subject, i need advice for a halloween costume. i don’t want to look like a total ho, but i don’t want to dress in a mumu (sp?). most of you know what i look like…also, i don’t want to be a playboy bunny, cheerleader, or whatever…something semi-creative is good. anyway, whatever…i’m stuck.
2001-10-27 04:51:45 – Burnz
Jesus holy hell shit ballz! They might talk tech at us and smoke a bowl at us. If worse comes to worse, and I fear to utter it, but they could possibly post something off-color about us on their uber-important website! Please, perish the thought mighty geekpadites. I will sacrifice a virgin to you! /me grabs any of the geekpad residents and sacrifices him.
2001-10-27 10:50:52 – Master Ha-reed
Laura, you could always go as Space Ghost.