Hrmm … Friday already. I’m thinking I’ll see if I can get off early tonight — I’ve had the opportunity to leave around 7:00pm every night this week, so I just might take them up on it tonight. Either I will go home and sleep, or I might do something. No, I am not going to Spike & Mike’s Twisted Film Festival, so don’t offer. Anything else happening?

I could throw a party — my parents are out of town until Sunday [I think]. Hmm … possible. Dunno though … lemme know.

**Update** :: I got the login functionality working — try logging in with guest/guest! It works! I also deleted all of my administration utilities! I can’t post unless I code like a geek gunning for a new sliderule! That part sucks! Luckily, comments still work, my ever faithful followers. Carry on 🙂

Update 2 – I just noticed that in this set of comments a person named BlackTalon, who I don’t know, posted! That means that somebody at random visited my site and posted! This is momentous!!! I’m on my way into the big leagues now, baby! WOoOOoOoOoOooo! Sadly enough, I still have no [tentative] plans for tonight … coding? 🙁

2001-09-14 15:17:36 – bastard
I found out today my company is going to RIF me in 2 weeks (lay off).
2001-09-14 17:21:45 – BlackTaloN
May i ask what this website is for? i see alot of comments i figured some type of computer programing…but i see that their is alot of freedom of speech…so i dont really know…ps…i like this php poster….id like to see if i am amble to clone it in perl…it could be a task 🙂 even if perl is slower….id like to see if i can try…
2001-09-14 18:35:04 – The Disco Nova
hmmm, so you come to this sight, and then spout off some quasi-patriotic BS and you don’t even know what it is about or any of the people on it?? Randallll, can you PLS take your site off whatever search list you have it on so we don’t get these wierdo’s anymore?
2001-09-14 19:01:34 – Master Ha-reed
If you feel like seein a movie, that remake of Othello (titled "O") is playin
2001-09-14 21:41:33 – rand0m
BlackTaloN — I do apologize for the "about" section being dead :: Ever since I’ve gotten two jobs the leisure time I used to put into the site has been cut dramatically. Please check <a href="">the old about</a> for a quick summary — differences: I’m 19 now, it’s all PHP, and my life isn’t as super-great as it was then. As for cloning it in perl … um … lame? Seriously, perl == shit for a web language. $.02. As for the freedom of speech thing … well yea, this site is just a hoo-haa that I put together for no real reason. It used to be that I would post everyting personal, but shitty events turned it into a non-personal, very general BullShit Everything Or Nothing Site. Consequently, [Disco], I really don’t give a fuck who posts and what people say. As long as it isn’t extremely out of line [Burnz] or some other whack shit [like octuple-posting], I don’t really moderate much. To both BlackTaloN and Jean, I am really glad to see new faces around here — I would hope that some of the current residents *cough*disco*cough* don’t piss you off to the point of not coming back. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to bitch about web development — <a href=""></a>
2001-09-15 02:16:07 – The Disco Nova
roar….easy killer, sorry What did you want anyways? I noticed your number on my caller ID at like 3 am. didn’t think you’d want me to call you then…..
2001-09-15 03:06:01 – Burnz
I love it when I am the person cited as the inappropriate party. Go me and my offensive nature. And I am with Disco on this one, and I am sure realbighead will be in that same boat: Hits of this nature show the cretin demographic that you are acquiring as a, shall we say "fan base". But it is your site. And just to be irritating: and of course . Read the Turner Diaries. Thank you and good night.
2001-09-15 03:08:01 – Burnz
Pardon me, "out of line" party.
2001-09-15 03:08:43 – Burnz
Now it is just childish site abuse, I should reallt not only grow up, but get some damn manners.
2001-09-15 05:09:13 – realbighead
nono, burnzy, both growing up and getting manners are highly overrated. Avoid like the plague if at all possible. And yes, these new visitors are quite irritating. Not because they disagree with me, but disagree with me in such naive stupid fashion that I pity them enough to re-word my original response in lengthier form over and over and over. The original negative comments to my first post (Disco and Rand0m) were far more concise and clear than BlackTalon or Jean; I think I may have spent a short paragraph continuing those discussions (not meant disparagingly; it is a good thing that points in contention can be argued so clearly), while I have about 20k of pure text arguing with the new guys. Bah. Die auslander ist verboten, we should ban them all. That’s my opinion. Oh, and I still have no clue what Burnz posted that was so far out of line; please excuse those of us who get out our junkiness in 2-hour marathons of posting and enlighten me?
2001-09-15 09:09:19 – Xeon
Holy MOLY!!! There is a person other than the norm here! Everyone I’d like to introduce you to BlackTalon, one of Jean’s online friends (if you have gathered that by now). He rents? a Counter-Strike server from him. He is also a a norm at the NesCon2002 website.
2001-09-15 09:11:17 – Xeon
Hey rand0m are you going to SPLAT? I can’t make it until 6. Bastard or Jean feel free to come or whatever. Also rand0m talk to FusionJunky… X/0 is gonna need some webheads real soon.
2001-09-15 11:17:54 – rand0m
Well, I’m sure it would be possible to limit everything so that *only* people I choose could post here, but seriously, that would get old pretty quickly — we can only rehash the same ideas from the same people so many times. I think. Burnz, I have to tell you, the pathetic drivel that you linked to that spurned the wonderful nation that we live in as a suckling pig not only was extremely off base, but also extraordinarily offensive to me. Although I may seem the average joe, I am quite patriotic and hold my current status of being an "American" with high regard. I am glad that you gave the tragedy such deep thought — I very much value the freedom to say and think whatever one wants — but this particular venue will not tolerate such anti-patriotic, blindingly venomous, anti-american sentiments. Disco … simply enough, you don’t have to be such a complete dick all the time. Yes, I know it’s your nature, and yes, I know it’s quite fun, and yes, I do know that it’s something that’s not easily changed, and yes, I even know that you like doing it, but please have a little courtesy here. And yes, I was awake at 3am. 🙂 I will probably not go to <a href="" target=_blank>S.P.L.A.T.</a> — it’s a lot of hassle and I’m just not up to having my ass handed to me in q3 / cs. And if x/0 needs webheads, well, there are lots of ways to get ahold of me 🙂
2001-09-15 12:10:12 – Burnz
I weep for the fool that refuses to understand that patriotism is not waving a flag and fighting on a foreign beach, but the constant reshaping of America. Patriotism isn’t just about williness to fight and to defend, but also to mold, to shape and recreate. It isn’t anti-american to question our leaders, it is pro-american when those leaders threaten the ideals of our society. So one of us is an American, and one of us hides their venomous xenophobia behind the flag.
2001-09-15 13:10:35 – Cosmosmoon
Maybe patriotism is simply believing in your country and doing whatever you feel would make it better, be that questioning our leaders or waving a flag. It’s not what exactly it is that you do, but it’s your reasons behind doing it that make you patriotic.
2001-09-15 13:24:52 – The Disco Nova
I’m not upset that they are being patriotic, I’m upset that they came to a site they knew nothing about and started telling us to go sign up for the draft, and be more patriotic, and all kinds of other crap. A. Unless you’ve actually been in the military, don’t spout off crap like that. B. I’ve heard that stuff everywhere else. don’t really want to hear it here as well, especially from someone who I don’t even know. C. You should probably introduce yourself and get well known before you start making demands of us. D. In case anyone cares, no I won’t get called up unless it looks like it will streth out for several years. I’m Inactive Reserve, they would have to give us all refresher courses in our old jobs before we could be truly useful. It cost the Army about 450k to train me in the first place, so I doubt it will happen, if only for money reason.
2001-09-15 13:43:18 – BlackTaloN
Sorry for the intrusion guys, I only noticed that everyone else was able to post their opinions here and i thought i could do the same without being called naive, irritating, and stupid and that i should be banned! I never agrued against anyone elses point to the point of them needing to respond to clarify their points or follow up with the same exact responses, I just pointed out my beliefs, and defended them in later posts. I read every post, I listened and i learned. I do not deny that i disagree with some things i have seen, and i never went off saying to be patriotic! I nearly stated that I feel I should do something! Anything! as to help our country! Is that wrong? is that so patriotic that it should not be posted? Once again I am only defending myself! And random thank you for your kindness, my only point about the cgi was that it is the only language that my hosting supports! or else, yes php would be best! Or at least better! $.04 🙂 As to everyone else, I am sorry for posting what i believe, just like everyone else has, and you will not see my opinions here, unlessed asked for! Im sorry if I have insulted anyone! I am not leaving the site, just merely ‘shutting up’ to hear what you all say i have not listened to!
2001-09-15 17:22:47 – Burnz
Oh come now Black, don’t act wounded. Everyone here is opinionated and strongly judgemental and we don’t know anything else about you besides this sudden preachy Uncle Sam dialouge (is that spelled right?) and the fact you have a serious exclamation point habit. Plus, it sounds to me like you were called in to lend weight to Jean, which starts forming units. Point is that I wouldn’t be any kind of left winger if I said that realistically you are as entitled to speak your mind as anyone else, no matter how little I like it or whatever else I, Disco, and Tore have to say about it. Don’t be touchy and just learn that hostility is the manner that some of us are most comfortable with. So while I would like you to be banned from this site and prevented from breeding, feel free to say whatever you like and I would suggest paying attention and making valid counterpoints instead of attacking, turning defensive, and then sulking. Cosmos, what is this tolerance bullshit? Damn, here I thought everyone was extreme and unwilling to concede and you come in trying to moderate. I much prefer divisiveness thank you. And it doesn’t help that you make sense and set to shaming me and rand0m without even putting enumerated reasons, exclamation points, or enormous amounts of text. Ban her too.
2001-09-15 17:25:48 – Xeon
noooooo! Don’t stop posting… DONT LET THE NATIVES SCARE YOU OFF! my $1 worth…
2001-09-15 17:27:06 – Xeon
Healthy yet?
2001-09-15 18:12:11 – The Disco Nova
Yea ditch the bitch! And while we’re at it, lets ban ALL Liberal arts type people! (love ya em ;-p)
2001-09-16 01:01:38 – bastard
If we can look past at what we are hearing and seeing in the news of recent, and focus on where our country is headed, ask yourself this: how do we prevent something like this from happening again?
2001-09-16 02:11:30 – realbighead
Hrmm… as much as a forum simply seems like a place to stick opinions, that seems like a damn useless function. I was under the impression that it was a place for discourse (which differs from intercourse in that I’m fully clothed; no wait, I’m not, fuck it, they’re the same), where we can all present ideas and think them over. If we just want a place where we can count the number of people who share an opinion, hell, there are easier ways to go about it. I know that when I post, I expect people to disagree, criticize, etc. And I expect to respond to those criticisms, after consideration of their points; if I really see no flaw in their point, I suck it up and accept it; if I see a flaw, I argue back. Basically, I don’t think this is a place to simply post opinions; no one gives a shit what anyone else thinks. I post here in an attempt to better form my opinions with the input of others. In short, don’t feel free to just post what you think, but do feel free to join the conversation. And no, banning the liberal arts types is bad, that would turn this site into a dull series of tech jokes and announcements of what people are doing on any given night. And really, the natives aren’t all that scary, just exceedingly caustic. On a more intelligent note: a rather interesting idea was pointed out in my math class yesterday (yes, we were talking about everything but math). One sees the pictures of the WTC, in the skyline of New York, a symbol of the opulence and success of capitalism, contrasted with pictures of Afghanistan, a country where the people have been trodden almost back into the Stone Age. Guess who is now attempting to crush whom. Yes. The solution is not for everyone else to simply accept that America gets more than them, but for America to start spreading the love, as it were. I’ve written so much on these boards lately that Randal is probably about to strangle me, though, so I’ll stop there. Please do respond to the thought, either to elaborate or disagree; dunno how you’d do anything but elaborate, since you can’t disagree with such an unformed opinion, but hey, go ahead and do whatever. I will now sleep.
2001-09-16 02:17:53 – The Disco Nova
Don’t worry about Randallll strangling you, he couldn’t get his girly hands around your thick neck (to go with your thick head) Woooohoooooooooooot!
2001-09-16 02:22:12 – rand0m
spread the love!? wtf man. America is where it’s at because of it’s capitalistic nature. Why is Afgahnistan a hell-hole of sand? I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care. America has zero reason to ‘spread the love [wealth]’ to *any* other nation except for to appease our own consciences. $.02 … yup, that sure sounds selfish as hell and blah blah blah, but it’s capitalism and self-actualization at it’s finest.
2001-09-16 04:13:10 – The Disco Nova
Go Randalll! Go Randalll! Go Randall GO GO! Woof! Woof! Woof!
2001-09-16 11:02:05 – Burnz
It is just that sort of self involved thinking that makes America so hated, which is the cause of this tragedy so if keep doing what we have always done we can expect this to happen again and again and again. So ultimately it is just that mode of thinking that is the ultimate perpatrator. I am not a humanitarian at all, but I do agree that it is time for America to live with the rest of the world and not be quite so ready to take from it. I would like to be astounded with the kindness shown by many many American over this crisis, but where are they when people overseas need help? Now granted, there are still a few that contribute, but elitism has driven us to ignore the suffering of people everywhere, so this display reeks to me of supremacy. We are ready when it is our people, from our country, but otherwise…we have raquetball and stuff to do. I am once again going to say that we should act like the greatest nation and not just the richest, most greed driven, short-tempered nation because when you turn America into Mecca, you can bet your ass that it will keep coming under fire. You want to be responsible for that? And I outlined in detail on one of these posts my plan for prevention, thank you for listening. *sigh* Why do I try so hard?
2001-09-16 11:42:18 – realbighead
because, like me, you naively believe that you can make the world better by possibly making people think new thoughts, but on a rather conservative board where people feel comfortable being in the massive majority (i.e. not us), we really stand no chance of having anything heard, as shown by my… 20some k of text in the other thread (which I’ve stopped writing in now officially, btw, so if you want a response or a discussion, e-mail me). Basically, they are obstinate and we are foolishly stubborn. Dunno who comes across worse there. Oh, and on a lighter note; I’m gonna be back in town on October 12 to have my jaw cut up, so if any of you wanna hang out that night (or just want to mail-bomb me for being un-american), drop me a line and we’ll do some p-hat shit, yo.
2001-09-16 13:06:16 – rand0m
<i>but where are they when people overseas need help? </i> … umm … dude, think about that one. It has always been the USA out helping other people, doing humanitarian efforts, being there when other countries have bad shit happen to them. Where was the rest of the world when we had the San Francisco earthquake? I don’t see any foreign aid coming our way for the WTC disasters — I agree that America is callous to others because of it’s dominant international position, and rightfully so :: our position has been earned entirely by us with little to no help from other nations. En route, we have benefitted others countless times, with zero return. Yes, we should be communistic and share our hard-earned economy and power with lesser countries, even though they have done nothing to deserve it. There’s a lot more than just petty political opinion behind it when I say that receiving something of non-mediocre value that you, in some way, did not earn is almost a crime. Communism is great, granted, but the whole theory behind that is that everyone puts in equal amounts of work — not one superpower spreading it’s enormous wealth to those who do nothing.
2001-09-16 14:29:46 – bastard
girls = time X money time = money girls = money X money = money^2 money = (root of all evil) evil^(1/2) girls = (evil^(1/2))^2 girls = evil mathematical proof there you go
2001-09-16 15:34:48 – rand0m
thank you for that enlightening deposition.
2001-09-16 17:07:42 – Burnz
I am not saying America did nothing. Reading over my own words, it did come across that way. I primarliy meant the general populace. Mr. Average Joe American has contributed to the greater good of the world how? They make an effort to aid other nations when? Yes, the US as a country has put out humanitarian efforts, and Phillip Morris has anti-smoking campaigns, but that doesn’t nearly make up for the cruelty. And I, as well as tore have given examples of our nation’s inhumanity, so please don’t start with the "What did we do that was so bad" because I am blue in the face. And you might want to look into how much other countries contribute (as I have said before) to our production. With us running sex tours through underage Asia, working children in Indonesia, and arming leaders of coups to overthrow governments so that our gas prices go down, I would say they sure deserve money more than you or me, so don’t preach the minority of Communism wherein the system is totally abused, because it makes you sound damn ignorant of communistic dogma. Furthermore, I admit that communism doesn’t work in reality. I am not proposing communism, I am expressing the hypocracy. If you can’t see it, it isn’t my problem. And I just moved into my new place, big pimpin’. I am going to beg (again I think) for a subject change because this is pearls before swine. I don’t like to agree with Laura, but some of you are sure bullheaded and totally unrealistic and ignorant. Not trying to inflame, just expressing how tiresome it is to have to repeat one’s self over and over simply because y’all don’t want to hear. So get all offended now and attack me with the same tired arguments.
2001-09-16 18:08:03 – bastard
<B>And now for something completely different</B> As some of you may have heard, I’ll be laid off from my job in 2 weeks. That aside, i plan on having a B.S. C.S. in 3 years. That means at age 24, I’ll have had 8 years working experience in Systems Administration/Web Development. I am faced with a question: Do I continue progressing in making money, or, Do I make a job switch after graduating. Any takers?
2001-09-16 18:28:27 – rand0m
you guys are hilarious 🙂
2004-03-20 17:44:36 – the ass