parents and deep thoughts

So my parents came back right as I was opening the door expecting the pizza guy. I open the door and start writing a check and a few seconds later my parents walk in. It was pretty cool. It wasn’t high stress at all — they saw the house and seemed to dig that I can indeed sustain myself for months at a time without their intervention. I told them the car tales, and about 1/2 way through the long story they said “just stop, we’re going to bed.” That was hilarious. Anywho, they are leaving on saturday for a Caribbean Cruise. They mock me because I wake up at 5:30 and they don’t have to wake up at all. It is good seeing them.

Deep thoughts:
AOL Instant Messenger is *not* the place for anything but trivial chatter. — For God’s sake, pick up the fucking phone. AIM misses so much. My AIM name is ‘rand0m’ if you want to have some trivial conversation.

This site is my outlet.– I post any goddamn trivial thing I want to. Don’t enjoy it? Don’t come back. Seriously, putting how I feel about things down on to some medium other than neurons does wonders for my mental health. Everything from relationships to cars to family goes here, and if it’s not good enough for your standards then don’t read it. capish?

Being a dick is stupid — I’m through with that stupid phase. Not only is being a jerk tiring, it also makes people not like you. And when it’s faked, like in my case, chicks do not dig it. Hence, I am no longer a jerk. I am heading back to being Randal. Thanks for bearing with me.

And that’s it … ‘night ‘night!

2001-08-29 07:13:27 – The Disco Nova
ahhh, don’t you wish you truly were a bitter dick like me?
2001-08-29 07:26:51 – rand0m
2001-08-29 08:24:02 – Burnz
Oh c’mon now. I think deep down everyone wants to be vicious, self-interested, and having callousness in abundance. Being a bastard is fun and rewarding.
2001-08-29 08:52:59 – bastard
I hate my fucking boss… New House, New Car, New interest in being a dickhead boss… Fuck Him, Fuck Him, Fuck Him!!!
2001-08-29 09:18:53 – Siaokh
Youd like to fuck him fuck him fuck him wouldnt you… just throw him some soap 🙂 Aim is fun… it’s cheaper than a movie, and well… quite frankly fucking with ppl on it is easy 🙂
2001-08-29 11:33:59 – bastard
You are the master of the unspoken word, and the slave of the spoken word.
2001-08-29 12:02:31 – rand0m
note to self — create inane, rhetorical babble filter.
2001-08-29 13:23:39 – Burnz
No one cares about your boss, put it on your own damn site, but at least it had a point, not just childish garbage…Siaokh.
2001-08-29 15:20:32 – rand0m
w3rd up … but I don’t know if everyone should get their own sites — it’d make my hits go down 😉
2001-08-29 17:26:42 – Siaokh
*notes that a very thick skin or quality flame retardant suit must be worn around these parts* Life has it’s ups and downs… you will end up the same place everyone else does at the end. I try to keep a lightheart on these sorts of matters, and life seems to flow a little more smoothly. It also seems to get the girls to atleast talk to me, which you seem to voice as a problem randal.
2001-08-29 18:17:01 – rand0m
sorry timmy … you didn’t know the randle of 8 or 9 months ago … you’d probably think of me as a lot different … well … maybe not, but anywho, yes, I’m through with being the hardass jerk … j0o wanna see light hearted? look at randal at 4:00 pm 🙂
2001-08-30 01:06:36 – The Disco Nova
Hahaha, Siakho, I owned joo at LQ tonight hehe
2001-08-30 10:24:14 – bastard
I’m gonna eat lunch at billy’s pizza, they have good pizza, i like pizza, yummmm. And on that note, let’s cue the music.
2001-08-30 11:59:22 – MrHelpful from AT
2001-08-30 12:01:09 – rand0m
wowsah! Somone from the <a href="">AnandTech Forums</a>, where I spend my whole day while ‘working’ at Gateway, visited and posted to my site! WOoOoOoo!
2001-08-30 15:28:22 – realbighead
I don’t think your inane babble filter is working right; Tony’s still being allowed to post. Craig too, although’s he’s not so much inane as misguided. Wow… the wonders of the Internet… I can still show unbridled hatred from over 300 miles away. I feel almost Godlike. wurd.
2001-08-30 21:47:38 – Burnz
Well, a new member to the rand0m collective. I would just like to make him feel like part of the group by saying he is a completely useless person and should be used on a poster ad for euthenasia (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong. Anyone know the correct spelling?) Anyway, greetings At guy. At least one of us will be abusing you within the week, it is just the nature of the beast ’round these parts.
2001-08-30 22:02:33 – bastard
speaking of tore, who supah-glued all them pubes on his face, it be looking fugly }:-) so, all weekend long, i’ll be crewing on a hot air balloon crew, and i will get to go up in one this year, usually costs like 200$… i’ve been wanting to do that since i was in 5th grade in kentucky, and some punkass volunteer group said whoever sold the most candy bars would get to ride in one… fuckahs never let me, technical difficulty bullshit… ta ta
2001-08-30 22:56:54 – nell
crewing is fun. so is flying. my family’s been crewing for the famous footwear shoe for probably 12 years, and now my dad crews for a non-special shapes balloon that belongs to this guy steven. he’s crew chief. randal and i crewed for that one last balloon classic. i went up in the shoe once, like three years ago. yay for tony, it’s fun!
2001-08-30 23:14:22 – rand0m
ahhh, yes, last year’s balloon classic in Albuquerque. That was quite a good trip. 😉 I got to ride a motorcycle there. And crew for a balloon. And other really great stuff. Really Good times.
2001-08-31 08:31:00 – bastard
waiiiit, janelle went to the balloon classic last year, and randal went to the balloon fiesta last year… i was at both of those, and all i can say is, i had a blast!