man, bad luck?

Okay, so I had an okay day at work today. Picked up my first $400 paycheck, which was nice. Anywho, so I picked up the honda and paid $780 to get it. Tim gave me a ride up there [Go Tim!]. So I pay and am going downtown, when all of a sudden the engine just konks out. I’m like “wtf!?” So I pull over and pop the hood and there is radiator fluid all over the place. Oh man. So I call the place I just picked it up from, and they sent two guys out. The filled the car up with radiator fluid and followed me over to the pad [where I am now] to make sure I’m okay. Turns out that the top of the radiator cracked — it’s ceramic, so it’s not an easy weld 🙁 I don’t know a repair cost yet. The worst part is that I didn’t get a chance to deposit my check. Oh well.

I was supposed to have James pick me up to go see a movie then drop me off at home, but he never showed. So I sat on the pad’s porch till about 9:00pm, and am now sitting around waiting for craig to show up in hopes that he’ll give me a ride home tonight. please?

Update: Spent the evening with Craig … we didn’t do much except bullshit about customer support. It was good. We both realized that we need more friends. And women. Thanks for shuttling me around 🙂

2001-08-24 21:42:07 – The Disco Nova
I tried dude, but we couldn’t find the place. We got to the theatre too late, so we saw ghost of mars instead.
2001-08-25 16:04:51 – rand0m
I hear that horses shit a lot. just east of uintah and nevada. white civic right out front. me on the porch. not too tough.
2001-08-25 16:34:35 – Xeon
Call me – I think I have a opportunity for you!
2001-08-25 16:54:12 – The Disco Nova
Easy killer, we looked for like 20 minutes, missed Jay and bob and had to go see ghosts of mars, so we didn’t ditch you
2001-08-25 18:22:34 – rand0m
hrmmkay … man, boring. And I maxed my $200 credit card today! Ugh! Damn repairs! Damn cars! Damn them all!