WOooOO, boooze!

Okay, so my parents are tastill out of town, you aknow? Okay, sot I foudna ut tonight tat while ai am gone to utaah f ro the weekened [leeaving on friday] thesee freidns o fmy parensta re coming ot stay here. you know whaat tahat means? I have lottso of alcocohol to drink beffor they get here! I ama doin ga a pretty good aojob already 1 ahhahahahahaa WOooo! I don’ta wreally want tot go ato utah but heaay it’sm y grandamother’ss 90th birdathday! ahahahaha, shee’s OLD! hahahaha riight, so back to the rum. and the beeer. but only the ebeer afterr hte rum beacause of that song! WOoooOOOo!

oh yeaa, I foraogt to add! TONy what is thisa bout some girslz!? serious, taap that ass! hahaha, scoore!

2001-08-02 08:06:55 – Xeon
AM I ever going to get added to the people page? w00t and Mike are on there … but I R not! @#$%@#
2001-08-02 09:44:58 – rand0m
<a href="http://rand0m.hpi.net/people.asp" class=home>there</a>, are you happy?
2001-08-02 11:46:58 – Xeon
13 year old ninny??!!!! 13 year old goof-ball you freak!
2001-08-02 11:50:25 – Laura
yeah, i’m thinking randal is giving you too much credit. besides, if we were basing age on penis size, you’d be a six year old girl…hahah. no, i’m kidding 🙂 maybe if you got a tan you could be a goof-ball, but for now, ninny is good.
2001-08-02 11:53:51 – The Disco Nova
Awww man, now ya gottas put me on thar too
2001-08-02 12:26:16 – rand0m
wow, this makes me feel like I have a fan club. except that my fans don’t like me. odd.
2001-08-02 13:32:31 – The Disco Nova
hey I liek you, kinda
2001-08-02 13:53:11 – rand0m
you have no idea how warm that makes me inside. [sniff sniff] I love you guys! <img src=images/faces/winkface.gif>
2001-08-02 15:07:00 – The Disco Nova
hey, lets go do Laser quest tonight. I just saw caroline in the mall, lets invite her. Also for a grand total of about 360$, I just bought a GeForce 2 64m video card and 512m of pc133 memory. Is this stuff getting cheap or what? Be sure and call me, I’m upgrading my comp today after all…..
2001-08-02 15:25:22 – bastard
i’m up for laser quest
2001-08-02 16:37:38 – rand0m
disco, sorry to rain on your parade, but here you go: single stick, 512MB pc133 ram — $39 <a href="http://www.pricewatch.com/1/33/2425-1.htm" class=home>http://www.pricewatch.com/1/33/2425-1.htm</a> and a geforce2 mx 64mb — $54 <a href="http://brook.pricewatch.com/search/search.asp?criteria=geforce2%20mx%2064mb" class=home>http://brook.pricewatch.com/search/search.asp?criteria=geforce2%20mx%2064mb</a> $.02 and your $267 rand0m
2001-08-02 16:58:14 – The Disco Nova
oh well, I’m rich, I can afford it
2001-08-02 18:38:10 – Laura
do you mean carolyn? yeah, i thought so. you should all drop by my work considering i’m almost to my 11th of 16 hours of work today…besides, it’s kinda close to laserquest. too bad there’s no way to get into the building or get in touch with me…ah well. have fun, kids
2001-08-03 09:21:03 – bastard
I can get in touch with Laura, sure, sure I can. Maybe her standards are higher than lauren, but I’ve still got a playstation 2 left. Komme sut mire laura fraulein!
2001-08-03 10:46:02 – The Disco Nova
well, this is gonna be a boring friday.
2001-08-03 12:20:06 – Laura
yeah, uh, tony, no…but i still might want your playstation 2.
2001-08-03 13:10:40 – bastard
Kommen zu mir Laura-frau! Kommen zu mir!
2001-08-04 17:39:47 – The Disco Nova
If you were a sexy bitch like me, she would sleep with you for free….