monday morning already?

**UPDATE** Meeting over @ Laser Quest at 9PM !!!! If you will not be able to make it there by 9:20pm, CALL ME — 964-4504 — that’s you, emily and laura!

it is 07/16, which means that I am 19 — happy birthday to me. Please send your money / gifts / whatever to me. Incredible that I’ve survived this long; I am surpised the unwashed masses haven’t torn me from limb to limb yet [grin]. Ahh yes, the beautiful beginning of another year of wonderful living. At least that’s the plan, heh …

Mom called on the phone and heard the ‘leave a message’ message I have on there that kind of sums up what’s going on. She completely tripped out about the dead truck; she’ll be calling this morning @ 7am [ungh]. I’ll then have the opportunity to tell them about my truck, uccs, and gateway … and with that, I’m off to 5 1/2 hours of sleep.

2001-07-16 02:13:53 – Laura
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you wanna go do something tonight after i get done with dinner with my family? i think we have reason to celebrate 🙂 anyway, have a good one.
2001-07-16 02:18:33 – Laura (again)
I’ve decided that the people we know should get us drunk for our birthday…haha. yeah, for those of you who read this, get a hint! 🙂
2001-07-16 02:47:15 – Unwashed Masses
Those of us without money would love to get you drunk, but we apologize for our inability. And you are on our rip apart list, but the manager has been out of town so we are way behind.
2001-07-16 07:26:12 – The Disco Nova
Laura, you should of taken him to the underground last night. Then he could of at least watched ME get drunk.
2001-07-16 07:53:16 – rand0m
thanks laura =) And disco, just thinking about seeing you getting drunk is something I never thought I’d see … heh … so laura, you saw james, right? is he still the galoot he was last time I saw him? 😉 have a good day everyone.
2001-07-16 09:49:22 – The Disco Nova
I actually seem to be running into laura alot recently.
2001-07-16 09:57:05 – Laura
yeah, james, i think you’re stalking me. stop! hehe. and randal, james is a little more normal now, which we can all be happy about (hehe),but he still drinks a lot. so, randal, are you up for chillin with me tonight (and maybe some other people)?
2001-07-16 09:59:31 – rand0m
yea, i’m for doing something tonight if there is something going on … also, disco, do you have aim? if so, <a href="" class=home>e-mail</a> it to me or post it here … woOoOo, what a day!
2001-07-16 10:48:40 – Laura
Well, what do you want to do? it’s your birthday. i think carolyn wants to chill and see you, and if anyone else is up for doing something, they’re welcome. i just don’t know what to do. so, think!
2001-07-16 12:34:33 – realbighead
roman orgy!
2001-07-16 13:07:22 – The Disco Nova
Nope, no AIM. is my home email adress, I check it like every 30 secs (love pop3) so It’s fairly real time. Maybe I’ll download AIM sometime. As for your birthday? Laser quest is open on mondays during the summer, so let me know if you wanna get your ass smoked. I’m out of practice and need some "easy" targets.
2001-07-16 14:04:48 – Siaokh
Avon… normal?! uhm, sure. Happy birthday man… are ya doing anything tonight for it? also… avon, why did you stop going to LQ? w00t -Tim (ramblings of an overworked individual)
2001-07-16 14:39:56 – The Disco Nova
Yea, what’s up with that Laura, you bitch. Don’t call me normal.
2001-07-16 14:42:22 – Laura ~*~
hey! tim! it’s my birthday too, damnit! LQ actually sounds fun except for the fact i’m broke and don’t feel like getting my ass beat while wasting money…is randal up for it? i got a birthday cake at work (aka 30 minutes of not having to work yet getting paid). hrmm…i’m not free until later, though, prolly around 8:30ish. let me know, g’s.
2001-07-16 14:49:33 – Laura
james, whatever… 🙂 are you at work? you should come visit me. haha. i still haven’t called you. i suck.
2001-07-16 15:20:23 – rand0m
… … also … some LQ sounds like fun, but I’m in the same boat as Laura; I don’t have a ton of $ to spend on getting my ass smoked. Yes, it’d be fun though … I’m outta here tonight around 5:15 — as soon as a punk-ass colocation gets his shit out of here. righty-o
2001-07-16 17:05:52 – The Disco Nova
hmm, might not happen, I’m going over to super-hot chicks place tonight. Hopefully I’ll be there for while
2001-07-16 18:02:04 – The Disco Nova
Nix that, hot chick has family emergency (yeah right). I’ll get a couple of rounds for Laura and Randall. One of you guys email me with a phone # right quick.