sat-err-dai ?

Had the interview, it went well. I was extended an offer to be part of the Primerica team; I will do some more researching before I commit, although it looks good.

Went and saw Arsenic & Old Lace [a palmer high production] with craig — it was well done and I enjoyed myself [for a bunch of reasons]. After that, craig and I went with Jocelyn to Fargo’s, and then to a party up on flintridge & academy — it wasn’t very happenin, so I left around 2:15am. This girl Kendra wanted a ride home, so I said sure. She ended up driving my truck — it was cool cuz it’s been a long time since I’ve been chauffered around in my own truck. Then I came home, and here I am.

A while back I went to the perk w/ craig and tony and met these 3 girls who completely blew us off. tonight at the party, two of the girls were there — linda and beth #1. They didn’t recognize craig and I, but I knew it was them. freaky coincidence. Then get this, Kendra is John White’s sister — I know john through my brother through steve richards as well as through mike through the wirehouse. Isn’t that weird as hell? wowsah.