Man, today was a long day. I cleaned the house and all that today, then went out all night with tony & craig. It’s 3am, and I am really really really tired — it feels good. I think I’ll sleep like a rock.

I realized something today also … I do *not* voice everything I’m thinking here. not even close … there are a lot of things always on my mind, and quite a few of them are private .. I don’t post much of anything that is personal at all, which kind of sucks, because then I have almost no outlet to vent or relax. I will think about that a litle more … ‘night.

2001-04-15 22:11:29 – Laura
i didn’t get to see you this weekend. that genuinely <sp?> sucks. ah well. i’m telling you, you need to come up here sometime (before finals). let me tell you. it was fun staring at the new hole in matt’s nose for a lot of the night…no. you didn’t call me back <grrr.>
2001-04-16 13:20:55 – Bastard
I am still hung over, but mostly hung.