I decided that I am going to stay home tonight. Unless someone calls me to go do something, that is ;-] Anywho, I am pretty bored, but I am tired. The tiredness, however, is wearing off rapidly; I want to do something fun that doesn’t take lots of money to do. Yes, that would be acceptable, along with a couple other things [big grin].

I found out that computer books are insane expensive; went to look at some books on perl and php and I can’t believe how much they cost — $24.99 for 200 pages? Give me a break.

My mom is not home, and my dad is at work until midnight. They are going to carlsbad caverns this weekend; I don’t know if I want to go — I need to have my truck’s oil changed and do a couple other things. Plus, I would really like to have the house 100% to myself. That would be nice.

Tonight I was so voracious — I ate a pizza, chili, a tv dinner, popcorn, a sandwhich … I don’t know why. I just ate. A lot. I don’t know if this ‘eating’ thing will be habit forming … next thing you know, I might actually be sleeping 8 hours a night! Speaking of sleep, I’m gonna go read and hit the rack. ‘night

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2001-04-11 14:56:53 – Disco Stu
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