The trip to Denver

I think I’ll post a little more about that … sometime during the trip, everyone was ragging on me about a lot of things, and Janelle brought up that I never bought her chocolate or did a lot of other things that I “should” have done, despite her distinctly telling me not to. Now, these things all hurt to hear, simply because it was “point out all of XXXXXXX’s faults” time, which is never enjoyable by XXXXXXX.

Well, if I do recall, I did buy Janelle chocolate on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I recall it quite clearly — I was another one of the male drones at the store doing the “walk to flower section, walk to chocolate section, give plastic, walk out door, go to her place, make her happy” routine … I recall talking to this guy in line about how it was kind of lame how everyone’s an automaton … he was wearing jeans, a black shirt, a leather jacket, had long gray hair, and rode a huge ass Harley; he thought it was rather odd that everyone is so brainwashed, including himself. I agreed. So yes, I have bought Janelle chocolate. I don’t know what she did with them, though. She told me to never buy her chocolate, and I’m guessing it’s because she wouldn’t eat it, but I don’t know — the valentine’s chocolates weren’t around very long.

Predator11: get lucky
rand0m: umm
rand0m: let me tell you, I’m trying.

actually concerning some counter-strike lag, but very funny if heard while yer mind is in the gutter [which mine perpetually is].