Sweet Update-age

So I slept like trash last night because I keep thinking. I hate thinking about things so much, but I think I’m going to be doomed with it for life. [sigh] … on to the news.

My grandfather with Alzeheimer’s has moved into the house with my parents and I; his name is walt, and he is completely off his rocker. I don’t know how this will impact things, but for right now it feels a little uncomfortable. Gotta deal.

Went out with Craig and Janelle last night [and eventually tony] — we ate at Old Chicago, then just hung around downtown. It was fun, minus some image/ego/self-confidence bashing that happened. I missed Survivor II, but I had a good time regardless.

Met up with Tony, and we walked around, and then we met up with Annie, and then Janelle headed home. Tony, Craig, Annie and I walked around, and then we, minus Annie, went to Tony’s place and watched Fight Club. What a movie. I slept.

Story: I’m laying there on Tony’s floor watching the movie intently, and I hear this loud snoring, and I think ‘man, we should move him so that he doesn’t choke or something.’ Next thing I know, Tony and Craig are laughing uproariously at me, because it was me who was snoring, even though I was really awake. I’ve never snored while awake before; I think they are lying just to make me feel stupid. Heh, about stupidness … we’re walking and Janelle says ‘hey, that’s Dorothy’ so I whip around and say ‘Hi Dorothy’ to this girl who walked past … she says hi back, but then I realized that her name isn’t dorothy; she had the role of dorothy in wizard of oz not too long ago. I felt like a complete retard, but it was fun.

That was my day yesterday, mostly. I got Office XP, burned it, installed it, fixed the broken 2nd disc .bin and .cue files, burned that, installed it, and hey, it works. It’s pretty nice. Not ground breaking though. As for the site, the contact page is now up and working, and I put up the about rand0m page. My webcam will go up as soon as I get a usb card for my box.

I have no plans for tonight … anyone?